Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Weird Weekend!

I had the weirdest weekend I've had in a long while. The girls and I went out Saturday night to eat and then a movie (I had to sit through Enchanted again), the weirdness ensued afterwards. Of course I can't get into details, because who knows who reads this. Let's just say that it involves spontaneity. Since I usually try to avoid it, this is unusual to say the least.

I also have to get 2,000 flyers out by the end of the week, tons of fun for me! Some days I really hate Public Relations!

On Sunday, some friends came over to play games, then Jen, Natalie, and I watched some more Tudors, riveting I know. Somewhere over the course of the weekend I became obsessed with the song I Hear The Bells, by Mike Doughty. Love it and recommend it to everyone! It's just one of those songs that makes you happy!

Jen and I are going to sign our new lease today, so we can finally get into a nice apartment! So glad I'll have Jen to live with after Natalie leaves me for bigger and better things in New York City!

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aly said...

where are you going to live?!