Wednesday, April 23, 2008


So obviously I'm strapped for topics, (did anyone see my lame post about earth day, I didn't even know it was until I had to Google something) any suggestions?

It's hard to be even more disappointed in the democrats than usual, but here I am. Hillary Clinton took Pennsylvania yesterday, does anybody hate that state besides myself? It really blows because I might have to pick a new favorite football team and kiss my Steelers and Eagles goodbye. The only two teams I even kinda follow. Oh, and goodbye to cream cheese too! At least she didn't win by a landslide, right?

Man, do I hate Hillary. She's pasted all over my beloved Drudge Report! I hope all of you conservatives read the drudge it's the only place to find legitimate news without any liberal propaganda; CNN and MSNBC are both a little too liberal for my taste not that I don't peruse them anyway!

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