Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Pick the Darn Democrat.

Jeez, it's time to choose. The Republicans did, at least we came to a consensus on that. Is it really such a hard decision to pick between two qualified candidates, they are so different it really shouldn't be hard. It's time for one of them to do the honorable thing and take themselves out. In whatever way necessary.

Iran is going forward with 6,000 P-1 centrifuges, and claims new centrifuge technology that is 5 times more capable the P-1's already in use. This can't be good for the world's super powers. What with Iran's unstable economy and volatile nature. Although these are used to generate nuclear power, they are also crucial to nuclear weapons.

The United Nations has already called for a halt, but I doubt this will stop Iran from going forward.

Also, Alan Greenspan (Former Federal Reserve Chairman) finally said that the US. is in a state of recession, I suppose I can believe the Main Stream Media now.

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Loquacious Leslie said...

Scary to have Iran with nuclear capability. They seem to place so little value on human life! Knowing they will soon have a little red button to push doesn't instill a lot of confidence when we know how much they hate Americans.