Friday, April 18, 2008


The other day I bought Juno from Melissa, because she didn't like it! Crazy! It's pretty much a guarantee that if Melissa likes something then I won't, and if I like anything Melissa will hate it. Must be a sisters thing, it comes in handy when we want to trade movies. Although I usually like most, maybe I just have a penchant for anything and everything cinematic, and Melissa anything bad! J slash K! Juno is comedy gold, and although I still love you, although, you could use some better movie judgement!

The Pennsylvania Primary is next week. It is pivotal for the democratic nomination, if Hilary doesn't pick up this state she's most likely out of the running for the 2008 campaign. I'm sure there are a few people who will be disappointed. I'm just not one of them!


lyn. said...

I love how this post runs from March 18 to April 18! How clever of you... LOL

Here, here, on Hillary!!

The Neslen's said...

my taste is not THAT bad! I just like corny okay?