Friday, April 25, 2008

Soooooo Stupid.

So the only reason I'm posting this is because Amanda begged me to and made me promise. For the Record I think it's silly, but she had a really bad day yesterday!

I have an inexplicable love for David Bowie (yes, Mom, I know you think he's weird). Can't help it I love him- maybe it has something to do with the several hundred times I watched Labyrinth as a child, plus, the man invented Glam Rock.

James McAvoy- he can act. He was unrecognizable as Mr. Tumnus in The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. Then all the sudden he's a leading man in Atonement. His upcoming role as a training asassin in Wanted looks pretty intense too!

Scott Speedman- It's probably just the after affects of my angsty crush while watching Felicity. He made Underworld fun for girls too!

Harrison Ford- The guy rocks and I don't really care that he is three times my age! Plus, do you know anyone else that can crank out a blockbuster better than Indy himself?

Christian Bale- I've loved him since Empire of the Sun (which came out the year I was born) and every movie since. I pretty sure I have them all. Surprisingly, Batman was my least favorite.

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lyn. said...

Hooray! You listed one old hottie, and it is one that I had on my list, too...