Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Stick a Fork in Her- She's Done!

Every primary Tim tells me he's going to bring a fork to work to stick in Hillary- she's done. She has to be out. But, Alas, she didn't do quite as badly as we'd hoped- although Obama only trailed by 2 percent in Indiana and took North Carolina in what can only be considered a landslide for the Democratic Party. It's time for Hillary to conceed her losses and do the honorable thing and take herself out of the race! Hillary, of course, being a Clinton has never understood the honorable thing to do for even a fraction of a second!

I love it when Hillary Clinton screws up! In this article she blames George W. Bush for a problem entirely created by her own party's decisions. I realize that an individual cannot remember everything approved and passed by congress, but she ought to recognize some of the problems some that have arisen from DNC's policies, especially when they originate under the Bill Clinton Administration. Ah, Hillary the very paradigm of hypocrasy.

In response, the Clinton campaign said that Bill Clinton's administration had gotten assurances at the time it approved the deal that production would remain inside the United States, and that the shift of jobs to China didn't occur until under the Bush administration.

“Hillary Clinton must have been hoping we Hoosiers have short memories,” Ed Dixon of Valparaiso said in a letter to a local newspaper after a recent Clinton visit. “Her husband was president at the time and allowed this to happen.”

“They would have us believe Bush was behind this sale,” added Fred Sliger of Valparaiso in another letter, “when in fact the Clinton administration rubber-stamped this along with the sale of numerous other high-tech secrets to the Chinese. …Let's get the facts straight.”


lyn. said...

I love the "fork" comment!!

Too bad Hillary won't recognize that she's done... LOL

Loquacious Leslie said...

Have you ever thought of using your english degree and becoming a political commentator? Of course, you would have to learn to speak double talk and circuitous (?) language. You would also have to pretend to be unbiased.