Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Random musings...

Does anybody else wonder about the top ten songs, sometimes they really, really suck.

Fall Out Boy remade Michael Jackson's Beat It; I'm definitely raising some moral objections to this. You can't remake a classic Michael Jackson song. Before Jacko was wacko, he was pretty splendiferous. For FOB to assume that they have that kind of musical clout is preposterous. It's even worse since there is no real difference to the original. I thought FOB had enough credibility without playing covers. Apparently I was wrong. This is no Sonic Youth covering the Carpenters! Write your own songs.

Do you have any idea how many great bands we miss out on because MTV and VH1 cram Mariah Carey and other R&B/Rap singers with bad grammar down our throats? Maybe I'm one of the only people who think that Mariah Carey should be ostracized; she is everything a pariah could ever hope to be. Plus anybody that has to touch her body would have to stand by her when Glitter the sequel comes out and she heads back to Meltdown phase!

Don't get me started (Whoa! Molly Shannon SNL flashback) on the JUST FOR YOU (more like just for whom?) section in iTunes, do they really think that I want Colbie Caillat? After all the indie and rock music I have, they suggest some folkie chick singer. Yuck. Yes, I have some questionable music choices (currently listening to Billy Joel's Piano Man), but nothing so vile as to suggest any song called Bubbly. I want to know why they thought I would want the Enchanted soundtrack because I own the Sweeney Todd soundtrack, blood doesn’t' really translate to singing mice. Oh, my gosh. I just saw Miley Cyrus, that's even worse; my 10 year old brother loves her. Bad iTunes. Bad.


The Neslen's said...

Hey I didn't read this one before!! AMEN!

Elizabeth said...

i could be offended by you saying Colbie Caillet and Enchanted are not worth your time, but I understand where you're coming from. Especially about MTV and VH1. There are so many indie bands out there that are WAY better than most of the main stream stuff. It's all about who you know, and apparently all the crappy bands know the right people.