Monday, June 29, 2009

Week 30

Pedro and Tamara from my Ward in Latacunga. They were finally able to adopt a baby! They named her Kaylee after my trainer, Hermana Sorensen.
Isn´t it pretty here?

I love you Dad!


Ecuafact: People have no problem answering their cell phones in the middle of sacrament meeting, IN THE CHAPEL. Not just church either, in meetings, or other important occasions. It´s the weirdest thing.

Well, I feel as though I´m losing my sense of humor and nobody is commenting on my blog, sad. So I thought I would spice it up a bit!

Things I never dreamed I´d learn on my mission:

1. I can smell beer from pretty far away and know when to cross the street.
2. Prostitutes do not look like Julia Roberts.

Have you seen...

1. A volcano exploding, in person, live? ´Cause I have.
2. A 12 year old working construction? ´Cause, unfortuantely, I have.

Now before I worry my mother, the volcano was no Mt. Helena, just a trifle. It was still pretty cool to see an erupting volcano. Ecuador is full of active volcano´s.

Another good week for Team Tanner and Mérida. We have a whole bunch of new investigators! All in places we don´t know so we´ll be searching out a lot of them this week. I miss people having solid addresses like they do in the States. It´s a lot harder to find people down here. I often find myself looking for a "Casa celeste con una puerta blanco" (light blue house with a white door). You´d be surprised at just how many of those there are.

We were finally able to get ahold of Carlos and Miriam again. They just had their baby, Charli David (Dah-vid). They still can´t come to church because of the baby and Carlos is having a hard time getting work off to come! We´re working on it though.

Maria still can´t get baptized because her divorce papers haven´t arrived yet. She needs those to get married. Ironic no? Anyway we are hoping for 2 weeks from now.

Angelita and Jennifer are making some progress, they didn´t come to church yesterday, but when we met with them they really enjoyed it. So we are hoping for next week. We taught the law of Chastity to Jennifer (yeah I know) and she told us that was exactly what the Catholics teach. Still pretty catholic! I don´t know why the Catholics are so determined to stay Catholic? Almost all of the ones I have met don´t even go to church! It´s crazy. It´s always a fun challenge though.

We had Stake conference this Sunday, it wasn´t too great. It was via satellite but they had a horrible translator for President Packer so nobody ended up understanding his talk. As you can imagine it was the most important. The others were pretty good though. It was definitely different having Stake conference directly from Salt Lake City. Only a handful of people showed up. We filled the chapel, I guess that Stake conference means vacation here too...

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Rachel said...

Whit-I love reading your blog and seeing the pictures of your mission, and you are still as funny as ever!! That's why it is so fun to read.I'm sorry I don't comment more.I'll try to repent and do better!We are busy getting ready for Aly's wedding. I think we've made most of the decisions,now we just have to pay for it!!It is coming up fast!We'll be sure and send you an invitation!