Monday, June 15, 2009

Week 28

Ecua fact- The firemen, or Bombero´s wear camo, but it´s pink and purple!

Another really bad week for the food department. Pig skin again, this time I didn´t even try to eat it. I just really couldn´t stomach it one more time. Shrimp, I know lots of you like it but I´m just not a fan, hate the texture and the flavor. I also was served the famous Cebollado of Ecuador. It´s a tomatoe based soup with onions, fish, and yuca (a type of potatoe). Heavy on the onions and heavy on the fish. You also eat it with popcorn and chifles ( like potatoe chips but made with a type of banana, not sweet, they are good though). Not my favorite, but what freaked me out more was that I didn´t hate the onion fish soup...

Sonia was baptized! After about 25 years as a dry member (mission slang: somebody who assists with out being baptized!), although the baptism was basically a nightmare (but still great!). Sonia is terrified of water- petrified, horrified, you name it and she´s it. The worst part was the the water heater didn´t work and the water was freezing. We also don´t have Baptismal clothing either so we really had to search to find a dress- which didn´t zip up all the way! She then said she didn´t think she wanted to get baptized. We said a prayer with her and it calmed her nerves. Nobody from the ward showed up either- the Relief society President with the cake, the member with the assigned talk, nobody. We were lucky enough to have Elder Gutierrez and Elder Rivas there to give talks and act as the witnesses to the baptism, and also to run out quickly and buy some cookies in place of a cake! Maybe it´s all the more rewarding that it was really difficult...?

Maria didn´t end up getting married this week so no baptism on her end. Shooting for next week, but it´s a bit tricky because we have Zone Conference this week. We´re going to try anyway!

We have some really great new investigators because of our contacting activity last week! Most of them really far away. In particular though we have Jorge Tintin, he lives in Quisapincha (Kis-a-peencha). Which is really far also, but worth the trip because it´s beautiful. He lives in an adobe house, which is pretty unusual because Ambato was flattened in the 50´s because of an earthquake and adobe isn´t very sturdy. He´s pretty poor but he´s one of my favorites to visit. He always peppers us with questions and is always willing to meet with us, never too busy. We just need him to come to church now, but he´s reading the Book of Mormon! He´s 21 and pretty much takes care of his mom by himself, he has a sister who lives in Cuba but she is coming home soon. Keep him (and Maria) in your prayers for me, please! He really is special.

Picture´s next week! Sorry!

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