Monday, June 22, 2009

Week 29

Zona Sur!


Ecua-fact: Everybody has plastic lawn furniture, but nobody has a lawn. They use it as regular furniture. It´s a very common sight in homes and restaurants.

I´m doing great! I realized this week that I really love my sector! I haven´t felt like I really loved a place since Ibarra! It´s a great place, some area´s even resemble the United States! It´s so clean in Ambato (mind you I´m still in a 3rd world country). I even drank the tap water! Yeah, I know, I won´t do it again. It´s hard to be afraid of vechos (parasites) when you´ve yet to have them though. I´ve been here a whole 7 months without incident. I´m sure it will come.

We had Zone conference this week which means low numbers but high spirits. I love to hear and talk to President Sloan, he is such an amazing teacher. I learn so much from him. He talked a lot about Gratitude and how we missionaries need to show more of it. He works so hard for us and I really appreciate all that he does for the missionaries in this mission!

We were also challenged to make more baptismal challenges! Later that day my companion and I challenged somebody we contacted that day to baptism and she accepted! I guess they know what they are talking about. Angelica is going to be baptized July 5th, and probably 3 of her children also, Joselin, Cyntia, and David. She has another little girl but she´s only 5!

Our new investigators Carlos and Miriam stood us up this week! Turns out they had good reason- they are the proud parents of a brand new baby boy! I think they are the first couple I´ve taught that is married...but I´m not one hundred percent on that. We won´t be able to visit them for a couple of weeks but hopefully soon because they are great!

Elder Katzenbach is going home! My first assistant and the first missionary I saw in Ecuador!



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