Monday, June 8, 2009

Week 27

Hey guys,

I know I´ve been totally lame for the past two weeks so hopefully today will make up for it!

Ecua-fact: Spanish has 200,000 more words than English.

This week was definitely great! With the minor exception of the food this week...I had to eat piel de chancho otra vez, or Pig skin again, it was horrible and chewy. I also got stuck eating Hígado de res or Liver of cow. It was pretty gross, but I´ve gotten used to masking spitting into a napkin. Although I have to say that my dad majorly exaggerated just how bad it was. True I didn´t finish, but it was swallowable. No more rice.

José Vasquez recieved the Priesthood yesterday, we were going to have him baptize his wife, Sonnia, but she doesn´t really want him to. He is really tall and she is scared of the water! But she´s getting baptized on Saturday. We are really excited about it! The Recreo (my sector-ward) in Ambato is really amazing we have so much help from the members, which is such a nice change!

This is Sonnia with her daughters, Alexandra in the middle and Sonnia on the other side.

This is José and Sonnia at José´s baptism!

Speaking of baptisms! Maria Llango (Yango) is also getting baptized this week, Friday is the date! She´s been investigating the church for 2 years now and she is one of my favorites. She is also getting married this week. She is in our sector in Latacunga so we will be doing a lot of traveling this week! Our sector is huge regardless, so I´ve become pretty accustomed to the travel!

We also had the opportunity to hear from Elder Rafael Pino this week, he´s a Seventy. We don´t get that opportunity very often so we were all really excited. I understood it all in spanish, so I was super excited! Only some of you can imagine how nice it is to understand all that people say! Of course, I still have my moments!

We also had a pretty fun district activity this week. We set up tables in the park and contacted for a couple of hours. It was pretty fun and we have a bunch of new people to visit this coming week. I really like contacting, I think it´s good life experience getting used to the word no, although it usually appears as "Yo soy catolica" or "I´m Catholic". Jehova´s Witnesses are harder though...they don´t celebrate birthdays, or Christmas- Why would you want that?


aly said...

whit i love hearing your updates! it makes me so proud of you! and how in the heck do you still have style as a sister missionary? you never cease to impress me! whit you are great keep up all the hard work!

love you aly!

Loquacious Leslie said...

Love the pictures of the people you are teaching; You can tell that you love them! Are you still liking your new area?