Monday, June 1, 2009

Week 26

Hey Everybody-

We had a baptism this Friday! It was a good one too, José Vasquez! His wife (they also had to get married this week too) confessed that she isn´t actually a member and she wants to be baptized as well! She´s been telling people she´s a member for about 25 years now! We are planning her Baptism for this weekend, hopefully José will have the Priesthood by then and he will be able to be the one to Baptize her. I don´t know if he´s quite ready this week, but probably the next. I´ll have to post some pictures of them next week. Internet is sketchy here.

He has a great testimony. He ended up bearing his testimony in Sacrament meeting (the Bishop told him he could pasar or pass after he was confirmed, the Bishop meant with his family but he passed the microphone instead. It was actually a pretty great mix-up.

I didn´t get to much this week because of my ankle, but I did go out and work. I still have to meet quite a few of our investigators. I also have to go to Quito this week to meet with the mission doctor! Should be fun, but I´m not too worried.

Sorry, I didn´t have much time this week to write you all. I love you all so much and think of you often.

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