Monday, July 6, 2009

Week 31


Ecua-fact: There aren´t any building codes. Which means that almost every set of stairs is a huge danger. They are almost always really uneven. The floors aren´t even either, I have to be vigilant with every step.

Well, I never cease to be surprised, I´ve been transferred. I´m off to Riobamba and my new companion is Hermana Castillo also from Guatemala. I really am tired of being changed but I´m excited to be companions with Hermana Castillo, her nickname is "the machine". She leads the mission in numbers and baptisms every month. So I´m going to learn all I can from her. I´m excited. I feel like my baptismal number is a bit low. Although I have found some really great people and have been able to be a part of their baptisms. Wish me luck!

To my great surprise I´m going to miss Hermana Mérida. I know, right? It really is amazing what the mission does to you! She has taught me a lot and I am truly grateful for that. I also thought I would be "killing her". A little mission slang, don´t worry, it means I would be her last companion.

Ahh, Ambato, we had a really great week. A best for both of us! We were able to find some really great new investigators, who both came to church! Husbands and children in tow. It was an amazing feeling to have 2 complete families at church! They also do all the reading and have questions. It´s going to be hard because we just found them.

Maria Llango still isn´t married because she had to have a document made up by a lawyer and she couldn´t afford the cost. The cost: $20 Maria is currently working construction to pay the bills. I can´t even begin to tell you how heartbreaking it is to see a woman working in hard labor, brick-laying. I think it´s one of the most humbling things I´ve ever seen. My companion and I put up the money for her to get her document ready. I wish I was going to be here to see her get married and baptized! I just really couldn´t believe it. A mere 20 dollars. I have such admiration for all the women here, they do so much. A comfortable life just doesn´t exist here. I´m even more aware of how completely spoiled I am.

By the way! Thank you all for telling me that Michael Jackson died. I kinda figured though, I haven´t had to listen to much latin music lately. It´s been a nice change to hear Thriller and I´m bad everywhere I go. Still going strong, there are pirated Michael Jackson cd´s and dvd´s everywhere!

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Loquacious Leslie said...

I am glad you have learned to love Sis Merida! Isn't it amazing what different people can teach you!