Monday, July 27, 2009

Week 33

Ecua-fact: Many houses still are made out of adobe which is unusual because of the Earthquakes and volcanos. Almost all have a tile cross affixed on the pitch.

The best news this week is that the Family Borja was baptized:

Octavio Rigoberto Borja Chavez
Trinidad Veronica Martinez Zapata
Alisson Lisbeth Borja Martinez
& Nicole Melani Borja Martinez

I really just wanted to put all of their names!

The bad news is that I can´t post pictures because Alisson broke my camera...I´ve no idea how she did it. My camera cards are all okay I think so I´m going to try to get the pictures copied this week to a cd and post them next week. It was a bit stressful but when Octavio was baptized I realized that it didn´t matter that my camera was broken or that President Villena´s kids were running around screaming. It was peaceful, and I was so grateful to be a part of it. They really are such a special family and already have such strong testimonies. Veronica even did splits with me yesterday!

Other bad news is that Walter and Paul didn´t get baptized, I´m not really sure what happened but still holding out hope that they will get baptized in August.

I´m still loving Riobamba, it´s beautiful and has warmed up a bit! So I´m not dying of the cold anymore. Hermana Castillo is still great and I´m learning a lot. She has so much love for each one of our investigators, it really is admirable, I´m working on it though. Sometimes people are just hard though!!!

We also had zone conference this past week. As always, it was so much fun to hear from President Sloan, he´s is such a good teacher and genuinely loves each one of us. I learned a whole lot about the Book of Mormon, and how it really was written for us in this time period. Maybe I´ll send my notes home, it really was a great conference.

Hermana Mérida bore her testimony because she is going home this transfer, she apoligized to all of her companions (3 of us that were there) for being mean. I thought it was pretty funny!


Hermana Whitney Tanner


Will & Sam Shulca said...
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Will Shulca said...

Hola Hermana Tanner!!! It is so good to hear that you are doing well. I had the chance to meet your parents and both, my wife and I, loved spending a part of a Sunday afternoon with them Your family is doing well. They all are very nice and your Dad is a heck of a guy. So I don;t know if you remember me or not but my friend Dani and I were your Home teachers here in provo while you lived in the Branbury Apartments. Anyways, my parents (la familia Shulca) told me that they met you while you were in Ambato. They had nothing but great things to say about you and all the work you did over there. They were so excited about that and wanted me to meet your parents and tell them that you were doing well. I told them that they already knew that but you know how parents are. Anyways I was happy to do it an to meet your family. Missionary work is hard anywhere but specially there. I am amazed to see how much success you are having. Keep up the good work Hermana Tanner la iglesia necesita ser fortalecida en ese rincon de la tierra. Cuidese mucho y mantenganse en actividad para combatir el frio the "Friobamba"...