Wednesday, August 20, 2008

So Happy.

I think my favorite thing about blogging, are anonymous comments. If you think I'm being sarcastic, I'm not. I LOVE THEM. Especially the scathing ones, they really make my day. Somebody reads me and cares enough to comment. I consider your comments my letters to the editor, so let me respond:

"I don't know why you continued reading after the first book...? You're obviously FAR too intellectual for this series. Heaven forbid there's a little fantasy/sci-fi and a "happy ending." Yes definetely, writers should just stick to reality and not venture farther than the everyday. And I'm guessing you're not married? If so, probably not happily....but I'm just reading between YOUR lines."

1. You're right. I am way to intellectual for these books.
2. I like some sci-fi. So long as it is enjoyable. I believe I've mentioned sci-fi before on my page.
3. Not married, and your right I probably would be unhappily if I were!

Seriously, best comment ever. I love it.

PS. You spelled Definitely wrong.


The Mr. and the Mrs. said...

I totally agree!1 Anonymous comments seriously are the best!! You should totally start a letter to the editor thing on your blog...seriously funny!! I have been totally going through the similar...finding new blogs and then reading about yourself on them...highly comical I think...that person should try to read between YOUR lines more often as it is bringing me such joy because it is funny the judgments people make when they don't even know you...buck up and leave your name :)

Whitney Tanner said...

That would take all the fun out of them. I like them anonymous. Then I can be merciless.

Loquacious Leslie said...

I think anonymous comments are from people without backbone or integrity. If they are not brave enough to leave who they are, they have nothing worth saying.

brandon & brittany said...

lol, i don't think your review of the book sounded anything like this girl thinks it sounded...the book was crap (and i don't like to use that word); anyone with any literary experience would agree.

p.s. and that whole unhappily married comment is probably the most awful thing i have ever heard anyone say. who says stuff like that?

dj said...

You are hot!