Friday, August 29, 2008

Genius. Pure Genius.

I've never been a huge McCain fan, but wow, this is the smartest move I have ever seen.

Sarah Palin rocks:

She can be tough as nails- she really rose from being a self proclaimed "hockey mom" to Governor. Her nickname is "Sarah Barracuda".

She's young, which doesn't matter by itself, but everybody is concerned with how old McCain is.

She has a son in the Army.

Her youngest is a Down Syndrome child which of course hits close to home for me!

She is a woman, which will certainly help McCain with the female vote, which in the past has tended to vote democratic.

Wow, I'm so excited. I'm sure I'll say something more about her in later posts.


lyn. said...

What a savvy move!! Don't forget she is from Alaska where the oil is...

Can you just imagine when she has her first run in with Nancy Pelosi? I predict Palin will win hands down... LOL

Anonymous said...

...If McCain is in fact inaugurated, he will be the oldest President in History, at 72 years old. If he dies, would you want her to be the next President?

She was the mayor of Alaska for 1.5 years. I just find it amusing that McCain chose someone as inexperienced as her for her VP, when he is slamming Obama for having no experience.

Also, something I find strange is that a woman of 5 children could possibly be the next VP of the United States. I am not saying that women should not have careers and all stay home with their children, but I really hope her husband stays home with them or something... but I think that is just my maternal instinct speaking...

Also, she is not concerned about the environment at all. Okay--Global Warming is this huge controversy, and who knows if there is really such thing? God, i guess. And he's going to burn the world in the end--so what is the use in worrying about the Earth? I find it SO difficult to believe that people don't care about the planet we live on. You gather up clutter and say, "i'll just throw it out", well what people don't realize is that there is no "out". We can't just launch it out of the solar system in hopes that it will never find its way back to us. Someone told me a few weeks ago that some of the garbage they are putting in the ocean is making it's way up to beaches and there are children swimming and playing in it, and swallowing it! I would have a hard time ever voting for her, if she is McCain's VP, if she doesn't care about things like this.

And about the oil, sure McCain's plan sounds lovely, but if we keep finding these short term solutions, nothing will ever get better. It is going to take a long time to get the whole oil problem worked out, and our impatience isn't helping.

OBAMA 08!!!!!

Loquacious Leslie said...

I think Palin is a good choice-talk about someone who is invested in the future of this country. Anyone who is willing to have 5 children, especially one who is handicapped, in uncertain times has courage, hope, integrity and dedication. My hat goes off to her!

The Mr. and the Mrs. said...

What a cute baby!!!

Anonymous said...

Of course someone from Utah, not the most progressive of places, is going to be a Sarah Palin fan.

Anonymous said...

oh, please! she is in no way qualified, how does having a mentally challenged child compensate for the fact that the woman has no experience?! If her and McCain win, I might move to canada.