Monday, August 25, 2008


What is wrong with Utah's movie theatres? Seriously, in a conservative state not one person wants to see Vicky Christina Barcelona (besides myself)? I happen to like Woody Allen movies. I know it's practically blasphemy, me being a Utahan and all, but c'mon the guy has his funny (albeit neurotic) moments.

Also what about Brideshead Revisited. A remake that might actually be worth a revisit, and not one single solitary theatre can make room in it's schedule for maybe one showing a day. How often do we get to see Emma Thompson these days. I'd snatch up any opportunity to Laud her acting.

I feel like I'm living in Footloose. Instead of banning books, it's any movie that might be remotely interesting.


Lindsay said...

soooo... when you are on your mission can you update blog??? I am anxious to read your updates as you are away.

brandon & brittany said...

i wanna see emma thompson! she's amazing.