Monday, June 9, 2008

What Exactly is Change to Sen. Barack Hussein Obama?

Before you all decide that Barack Hussein Obama is the candidate for you, I thought you should all take a look at his voting record. Sure the guy can speak and is definitely not as evil as a Clinton, BUT do you really want a president who can't make a decision on the important bills that come his way?

For a candidate so fixated on change Obama certainly seems to be just fine with the status quo.

Click here to see Obama's full voting record.

87 Nay's
234 Yea's
182 NV (Present, Not Voting)

321 votes cast to 182 NV doesn't show much conviction, not very comforting in a politician!

In the past 4 years he refrained from voting on 3 of 4 major abortion bills.
This year alone he did not vote on any of the 4 housing and property bills.
For Budget, Spending, and Tax bills in the past 4 years has voted 26 yea's, 12 nay's, and 37 NV.
In the past 4 years voted NV to half of the Foreign Aid and Policy Bills.
Voted Nay on the Same Sex Marriage Resolution.

I forgot to mention that Obama supports a National Fingerprint Registration. I'm totally against that, you know, in case I ever commit a crime.


Jessie Evans said...

I'm moving to Australia.

aly said...

my plan is to go to italy and never come back.

lyn. said...

How can he vote when he has no experience? How can he lead a country when he has no experience...