Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Boss!

I am pretty sure that I have the world’s strangest boss. Don't get me wrong, Eric Robinson is great, but oh, so eccentric.

Just a few things that make Eric, Eric:

Employees at Robinson Construction have to back into parking stalls, because while backing out Eric almost nailed some car driving through. I should probably mention that he was on his cell phone and gets monthly letters from The Utah Safety Council that threaten to take away his license. So now I have to back my car in every morning-I even signed a contract stating that I will reverse to park! I might add that I have not even had a ticket in the past two years (knock on wood). The only person who doesn't back in: Eric (and his kids who work here also).

The other day Tim came into work to find the front door unlocked and police in the basement looking for an intruder. Eric had come in early that morning and left for Wyoming without turning off the alarm. In case you were wondering our alarm sounds like a million dying cats- he had to notice. I suppose that he thought that it would sort itself out. Tim is now in charge of finding a simpler key pad. Maybe an off/on switch?

One morning Eric was just fed up, he couldn't log on to his computer (which I guess is a regular occurrence). He was so mad and ranting about how he can never get on his dang computer, so we got the IT guy down here and he couldn't log on either. Finally we called Eric's son and asked him what the password was. Not even close to the password Eric thought it was.

Eric is forever picking things off the floor- even when there is nothing there. He will seriously walk down the hallway picking up things the vacuum missed. It's extra special when it's just the light coming through the blinds-cause he'll keep chipping away until he's successful.

I always thought my father had the world’s most overactive nose. Not so, Eric will walk up and down the office spraying that nasty glade cinnamon apple spray. So strong it makes your eye's water and your nose sting. I can't tell you how ecstatic I was when we finally ousted the fish tank!

He also wants me to check the voicemail messages every 15 minutes, no joke, every 15 minutes. Is that really necessary (especially when no calls are missed)?

When Eric is out on a job site he will call about 30 times a day. Seriously, the man is incapable of delegating. He'll ask you the same thing repeatedly.

He has a major thing for fake trees; you know the faux ficus ones? There are 3 in the reception area alone. It's a bit much.

The aforementioned computer incident is just the tip of the ice burg. Eric is incapable of understanding how anything digital works. Sometimes I'll suggest something that will make a project easier and he will shut it down just because he doesn't think technology is capable of it. It's actually pretty comical.

Ps. I didn't have a picture of Eric, so I just used one from a job site! I'll try to find one!


Anonymous said...

hehehehehe. I wish I worked with someone like that all day long!! It would make my days so much better!

Elizabeth said...

oh, if only you knew what you were getting yourself into when you replaced me. ;o) only a few more months, right?

Amanda Lauren said...

He sounds funny!

lyn. said...

This would make a great movie! Have you ever considered screen writing... LOL