Monday, June 16, 2008

List of Loves: Summer Edition

1. Love pink grapefruit-there is nothing more refreshing than a cold grapefruit in the morning! You can also have a Cranberry grapefruit sobe if you're thirsty or grab some grapefruit gelato for a summer treat!

2. Gladiator Sandals- I just might have to pick these Michael Kors up, they were really great on and so comfortable!

3. Summer Blockbusters! I know most of them aren't worth the hype (Spiderman 3, anyone?), but there is still something fantastic about them.
4. Along those same lines summer also brings some really great music. I do believe Coldplay's new album dropped today!

5. Vacay! All those fun trips you were planning all winter come into effect!
6. Bake sales- I kinda wish I could still have one. My sister M and I used to make bank on those things, and not to brag but we can really bake! Maybe M and I should get together and have one for old time sake-now that we're older and can make rad stuff we can still do well. Whaddya think M?
7. I don't think I can reiterate enough- SPRINKLERS! I used to love some me crazy daisy and slip 'n slide (granted, mine were never that cool, ours was more of a tarpaulin with water on it).

8. A lot of students leave. What? They can't drive! Local residents can take back south Provo- if we wanted to anyway... we'd like the option at least.
9. Lawn mowing for some reason I really like the sound of people mowing their lawns. You have to admit it's a summery sound!
10. Water sports- for those of us who wait all year round to finally go to Lake Powell (or commonly known as Heaven on Earth) for fun tan time!

Ps. See the guy flying through the air in that last one? That's why they discontinued those tubes!


Loquacious Leslie said...

Scary pic at the end. To think we had one of those puppies for about 2 weeks before we heard how dangerous they were! I am glad we didn't break anyone with one of these! I love grapefruit too (only with sugar on it). You used to like sidewalk chalk, making your special raspberry jam, and rose petal perfume! Those bring back happy times...

aly said...

i want to join in on the bake sale! desserts are pretty much the only thing i know how to make :)

Katelyn Jane said...

I got a new blog! Add me!

The Mr. and the Mrs. said...

YAY! I am totally on for the legendary bakesale!!! Lets do it!

Lacey said...

Believe it or not, I miss mowing my parents' lawn. It's oddly satisfying.

I love Lake Powell. So sad I don't get to go this summer. :(

brandon & brittany said...

if you have a bake sale... i will totally come. :)