Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Random thoughts...

Friday, September 21, 2007

Here's what I thought (or rather hoped) people were saying about me at:

Age 16: "Hey, Look at that girl driving the minivan." "Wow, she is way to cute to be driving that!" "I know, she must have really spiteful parents." "Seriously, she could be driving something so much cuter."

Age 18: "Hey, Look. She's wearing a "VOTE" pin. Isn't it great when one so young cares about politics, and our elected officials." "Yes, it really shows character, very refreshing."

Age 20: "Look at that chick, she's reading the New Yorker. Any girl that reads that instead of the latest People or Cosmo must be really smart and care about what is going on in the world." "Definitely, smart girls are way hotter than leggy blondes."

Age 22: "Hey, Look. Black nail polish, very in." "Yeah, she must stay up on all the latest fashions." "Totally, she is so completely vogue. You can tell she's not a goth at all, because the celebrities wear black too!"


Elizabeth said...

do i hear a hint of sarcasm? or is it just vanity? Either way, you really are cute, smart, refreshing, and SO vogue. ;o)

lyn. said...

Question: Are you going to wear your black nail polish to your caucus meeting next Tuesday night?

You should have someone nominate you as a delegate... [seriously]