Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Everybody has been telling me what is wrong with my top movies; I'm starting to re-think them. I'm thinking V for Vendetta should be in there, or Equilibrium. I don't know. It's probably just too hard to narrow it down that far!

I'm also on a caffeine buzz; I woke up this morning so tired that I popped two Excedrin before 8:00am! Cheating, I know; but I was so tired! Plus, I find that caffeine is absolutely necessary to go to the post office in the morning. I hate that place. Since I have to go every mornin' I just needed a little push. I could tell I was going to need it. The Post Office also told me that we at Robinson needed a bigger box, I was grateful for that. It's rather a pain, to try to dig large manila envelopes out of our smallest sized PO. Box! I don't usually don't require the caffeine so don't worry about me having a Jessie Spano episode!

It's also a wonder I'm not devastatingly depressed. All day long at work I watch CNN. Although, sometimes when Eric is gone I switch it off, there are just so many times a day I can stand to hear that the world is ending.

More great, but completely superfluous information, I finally figured out how to do my hair! It was really stressing me out that short hair was harder to do than my long hair. Never fear, it's finally a cinch!


brandon & brittany said...

who was giving you a hard time about your top movies?! no one can do that! silly people. if everyone had the same favorite movies, ugh! it really would be the end of the world (i may be exaggerating a little).

lyn. said...

Did you know that Excedrin for Migraines has caffeine in it?
Just take two in the morning, and you can venture out to the post office without a worry... LOL

Are you going to share your no stress, short hair, short cut? (-: