Monday, November 30, 2009

Week 51

Patacones, perhaps the most amazing thing I´ve learned to make on my mission. When I get home your going to love me for making them. If we can find Platano...hmmmmm. Yes I actually made them myself, my Thanksgiving treat.
I love the Coast, it´s stunning.

Don´t worry they don´t actually live there...Elder Matsen and Elder Aguilar.

Can ya feel the comp love?
Ecua-fact: Patacónes, made from Verde, which is a type of non-ripe, non-sweet banana. They are eaten like french fries and totally amazing. I learned to fry things on my mission...not a great habit to get into.
Another killer week in the life of me, Sister Tanner. I think you all know how much I´m loving the coast. I may have done a little gushing.
The bad news is that our baptismal list fell through for this month, we did a little trudging and felt sorry for ourselves for a day or 2 but now are looking forward to December because it looks like it´s going to be a successful month for us.
Henrry and Yomaira will be getting married Friday, we´ve already got their documents and just have to leave them at the Registro Civil this week along with ours because we get to be the witnesses. I don´t feel old enough to be a witness to a wedding. We aren´t one hundred percent that Henrry will be getting baptized this Saturday. All things are go for Yomaira though, she is so happy and ready to be baptized.
Julio Cedeño is also really making progress, he is looking forward to his baptism on the 12th of December, we might have to move it back a bit though for another interview. He´s agreeded to give my companion and I each one of his earrings for Christmas. They are pretty horrible spikey things, that look like they could do a great deal of damage. He´s one of my favorites though and is pretty funny too. He did have a little fall with the Word of Wisdom this week. He´s had a tough life though and pretty much raised himself, he´s studying in the University and everything. He´s strong and I´ve no doubt that he can conquer his temptations (it´s a long list too).
Rosa and Vidal are making slow progress, but it´s progress. Rosa is really great, but we are having a hard time getting them to attend church. I´m sure that is every missionaries problem though. Attending church seems to be the last thing anybody seems to want to do. Working on it though.
For Thanksgiving I ate rice and fish, it was cool though. Mostly because fish is becoming my favorite food and quickly. I know you are all shocked. Don´t you love it though. I still hate with all the passion that I posess Shrimp. Ewww. The texture alone.
Love from Ecuador,
Hermana Whitney Tanner

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Jen said...

That looks disgusting, Whitney. Seriously. Ewwwww. Are you talking about the potatoes? I'll eat those...but that paste looks like...well, I won't say it.

You look great. I need to go to your house and find out when you're calling for Christmas.