Monday, November 23, 2009

Week 50


Ecua-fact: Uh-uh is yes here, it really throws one off for a couple of months. You have to say it with your mouth open, and to say no it´s with the mouth closed. Might throw some of you off when I get back home.

Wow my time is really flying by, it kinda makes me want to have a companion that I don´t like so the time drags...NAH, so not worth it. As you can see I´m still deliriously happy here in El Carmen! I love it, and have I mentioned the banana trees? How great is my life? I love my companion, and I love my investigators.

Julio CedeƱo is one of the best. He´s doing really well and even cut his long hair, it really looks so much cleaner. He´s totally ready for baptism in December, we´re shooting for the 12th. I´m still working on getting him to take out his earrings, really horrible spikes. He also likes to go dancing, trying to get rid of the whole bar scene thing too. He´s not drinking though and things are good on the Law of Chastity too.

Gabriela is still progressing too, she just seems so sad lately because her husband doesn´t want to get married. I think a lot of women really feel hurt when they find out that their boyfriends don´t actually love them enough to marry them. It makes me so sad for her, she really wants to be baptized. She also got really mad when we didn´t visit her Saturday, she totally loves us! We feel the same way.

Henry and Yomaira aren´t doing all that well, we are still on for the wedding but it looks like Henry´s got a few hang-ups still. He´s also got some problems with the law of chastity. MEN. We are ready to go ahead with Yomaira, she´s so ready.

Our Baptisms are really lining up for December but it looks like we will be losing a few for November. I´m not going to feel too bad about it as long as December is amazing. I completely forgot that this week is Thanksgiving...weird. I´m going to spend Christmas in my Hamock, jealous?

We got quite a few new investigators this week and are excited to get to know them all better. I´m still dying of heat and dirt, I´ve never felt this dirty in all my life.

Love ya lots,

Hermana Whitney Tanner

PS. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving. I had a really sweet day of the dead, so I´m not sweating it.

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