Monday, November 16, 2009

Week 49

Ecua-fact: I have yet to be in a home that doesn´t have a television...sometimes they are houses made of caña, or bamboo. It´s crazy the value placed on electronics.


Your girl is good! I am really loving the coast it´s totally amazing! Crazy hot, and humid, and loaded with mosquitos. It´s also everything I could have hoped for. The poverty level is a bit higher and there are definitely some dangerous parts of town. It´s crazy that I love it so much! It could be in part due to my companion, Hermana del Águila. She is so much fun, and I absolutely love her.

Ecuador is having a bit of an energy crisis because of the lack of rainfall. They have been cutting the power daily for about 8 hours, on a national level. It´s pretty disorganized and is really making things hard for the mission work because we have to be in before it´s dark when there isn´t power in the night. A little dangerous in El Carmen. They say it´s going to be cut down to 2 hours a day, we´re really hoping.

This week was great, Geraldin (Herald-in) Esterilla was baptized this week! Her mother Estefany really would like to be baptized also but her husband isn´t too fond of the whole Marriage idea. Go figure. I´ll have to post pictures next week...sorry! It was a pretty flawless baptismal service, which is pretty great because they usually have some pretty high levels of stress.

My companion and I are also planning the wedding of Henri and Yomaira for 27th of November. I still think we are more excited than they are. Yomaira is so excited and we are trying to get Henri excited as well, he´s a bit more hesitant about baptism. We have an appointment with them tonight in the shady part of town. They are so great and really are gaining strong testimonies of the gospel.

Gabriela Loor is also really progressing well, she really wants to be baptized. Unfortunately her "spouse" isn´t too fond of marriage either. Men...we are on it though. She is so different now than when I met her just 2 weeks ago. I can hardly believe the change. She really loves the missionaries too.

Rolando Chango also has a baptismal date for the end of November. I never cease to be amazed when a young, 20-something, male reads his pamphlets about the law of chastity and all the chapters we assign him in the Book of Mormon. It´s awesome. He really is great and has so much interest. He feels a little unprepared for the end of November but he´ll get there, I´m sure of it.

I would like everybody to know that for the first time in my life I have completed a journal. That´s right, all 304 pages and I´ve started my second. Looks like I can stick with my goals when it´s really important to me. I´m glad I´ll always be able to remember my mission so well, it really is a unique time in your life.

Love ya,

Hermana Whitney Tanner

Ps. I´m going to harvest Cacao this Saturday... jealous?

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