Monday, November 2, 2009

Week 47


Wow were we rained out this week, soaked! Of course that was Ambato and I´m certain that I´m going to miss the cold now that I´m in the coast! Transfer time is here again.


Ambato is my favorite sector but who am I to complain, I finally get the area of my dreams. There is absolutely nothing here but humidity and my hair is already curling. I´m really looking forward to my time here, especially because I know that I have a great companion. Things are already looking good.

I´m loving Carmen though, the nauseating 6 hour bus ride down the winding Andes mountains was pretty un-fun experience. Wouldn´t trade it though, my mission is pretty unique.

I did have to leave Javier Jojoa. Fortunately, yesterday he was ordained to be an Elder in the Melquisedek (Yes, I´m aware that I spelled it in Spanish, but I don´t remember how to spell it in English...) Priesthood and this time I was present. Both he and I were crying. In just 2 months he has progressed and surpassed all of my expectations. He was the only person in the Stake to recieve the Higher Priesthood.

It´s also going to be hard to leave the Borja Family behind, Monica accepted a baptismal date for November and I can´t believe I´m going to miss it. She is an amazing person, she would sacrifice anything for her family. Her only reserve is that she wants to be baptized with her husband. Javier isn´t progressing much, or at all really. She wants it so badly though. It gives Jacob 2:35 a whole new meaning.

Veronica Santana will also be staying behind in Ambato, I know she will get baptized someday, because she wants it so badly. Sad that I won´t be here to see it either. I´m not worried either, her day will come.

Marina Jeréz also, we got to say goodbye! She wrote me a sweet letter and said that because she could know the gospel through us she is the happiest woman in the world. I wish with all my heart that she could have the support of her family!

Wish me luck in the coast (I´m so out of the Andes).

Hermana Whitney Tanner

Ps. I get to sleep with a mosquito net! How rad is my life? That might sound sarcastic, but I´m dead serious. This feels strangely like an adventure...stay tuned.

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