Monday, December 7, 2009

Week 52


Can I just tell you all that Week 52 of my mission has been one of the most awesome ever! I am utterly and completely exhausted but every second was worth it.

The biggest news is that Henrry Chila and Yomaira Freire got married this Friday and my companion and I were the witnesses! It was pretty cool stuff. Then Saturday Yomaira didn´t have to get baptized alone. Henrry decided that he was ready after all. They were baptized together. It was amazing, and I´m completely over the moon, deleriously happy. I even decided to make a chocolate cake. I was surprised that it turned out, with the exception of the frosting being slightly grainy. Chocolate cake here is pretty rare so I think everybody enjoyed it. I can´t post pictures this week because my computer is older than I am, but I promise I´ll post some good ones next week.

Henrry and Yomaira seem to be so happy and my companion and I are so grateful for the miracles of the mission. It really is so great to be a part of the change that the gospel brings. It really is "bone deep joy". I can´t really describe it properly, but I´m sure many of you already understand. Especially when we are lucky enough to find families who are ready to recieve the gospel.

Julio CedeƱo is doing really well, we are still on for this Saturday assuming that we can get his second interview this week. He really is special. We are still working on the earrings but he always takes them out when he enters the church building. I think he really struggles with not feeling worthy, he kept making jokes about bursting into flame when he steps inside the church. We left him some homework in the Bible, Luke 15. Hopefully it will give him some hope and faith. He didn´t go to the bars this weekend which for him is a huge sacrifice because he loves to dance. He said it was better to stay away from his vices, all of which can be found in clubs and bars.

We are busy looking for new investigators so that when are golden pool dries up we will have another ready to be baptized. El Carmen really is so promising and I´m still completely in love with the coast. It´s been pouring here and I´m in heaven. Unfortunately when it rains it´s hotter at night, but the roads are less dusty and I don´t like cleaning my shoes everyday. The only down-side of the coast that I can find is that the number of creatures that freak Whitney out seems to have grown, but I´m quickly overcoming my fear of small scuttling objects.

I´m truly so happy, and couldn´t be happier about Christmas in the coast, I´ll be cuddled up in hamock listening to yellowbird. I´ll be home soon enough, but for now I get to love my mission, and I really do so much!

Sister Whitney Tanner

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