Monday, December 14, 2009

Coast Post for Dad

A typical home in the coast.

Me and the Platano (Plaintain) Trees.

I told you that they had a lot of banana. This is Verde or Plaintain, it doesn´t exist in the States.

It´s also one of my favorite things ever...ummmmmm. It´s not sweet and used more like a vegetable.


Loquacious Leslie said...

Whitney, you are so thin!!!!! Maybe I should come out there and be on a mission with you instead of all this dieting!

Jen said...

I know, Whitney--you look AMAZING!

Rachel said...

Whitney-I love reading your letters home and about all the wonderful things you are doing and experiencing!! You look amazing in these photos!! I'm with you mom-I need to come over there and follow you around so I can look as good as you do!! We sure love you and miss you, but wouldn't want you to be anywhere else right now!!! Have a wonderful Christmas. You are always in our prayers! Love, Aunt Rachel