Friday, September 5, 2008


Dear Anon.,

Consider me your personal Ann Coulter. I don’t consider it petty, it’s my honest opinion, and you’ve given me no proof otherwise. Grammar is of the utmost importance to me.

Certainly, you would not drag your family into the race, but they really don’t seem to care. So I don’t see why this is even an issue to you.

While I don’t consider infidelity a good thing it in no way affects my political opinion. If this is so important to you, I wonder at your Democratic philanderers (e.g. Bill Clinton and John F. Kennedy).

I also accept that, no, McCain might not live forever. You should accept that he probably won’t die tomorrow either.

The only reason I mentioned anything about Obama’s experience is because you flout Palin’s. Okay, sure he worked on a few things, nothing worthy of presidential excellence. I might be more inclined to accept him as an acceptable nominee (as a Vice President I think he’d be quite brilliant) if he had more than 2 years as a junior Senator. I want a little seniority. You tell me what he can offer except moving speeches and one example of legislation, and I’ll consider giving him another chance (Note: I’m open-minded). I also think that successful is a relative term and I found nothing in common with the examples you provided and the Senator.

I don't waste my time. You keep arguing the same points over and over and it's a waste of my time to try to change your opinion or even make mine clear. I'm permanently a Republican; therefore, there is really no reason for you to read my blog. Also, I said I have a pretty good idea who you are, not that we had met. A Master's does not a genius make, and it's my blog. If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen. I still love the comments, but it makes no sense for me to debate just for the sake of debate.



Anonymous said...

Would you honestly expect her family to visually express their opposition? They might be totally fine with it, but if they aren't they probably have no choice but to make their mother look good and keep their mouths shut.

I brought infidelity into play to demonstrate imperfection, not because i think it interferes with someones ability to be a good politician.

Trust me, Palin's lack of experience is the least of my worries, and I brought it up because it made McCain have to eat his own words after constantly using the same attack against his opponent.

Lincoln had 8 years of state legislature and two years national experience when he was elected, so there is a similarity between Sen. Obama and the greats right there.

Now for what Sen. Obama could have to offer:

-A tax plan that will give the middle class ($37,000-$110,000) more in tax breaks than McCain's plan would. It is not right for the top 1% of the country's population to control more of the money than the bottom 90%. On top of that, Obama's plan would reduce the country's national debt, while McCain's would sink it deeper.

-Barack Obama will end a futile and expensive war. It was foolish to think the united states could go into a Muslim nation and turn around a system of government and blood feuds that have existed for 1400 years, and he will form multilateral allegiances with countries.

-Education reform that will help us compete with the world and lower college costs which increased an average of 61% under the Bush administration.

-Guaranteed health care to Americans who have previously been turned away due to financial burdens. Medicine has become too much of a business rather than a humane service.

Barack Obama definitely appears vague at times, but it is not due to lack of a plan, it is due to presenting what Americans want to hear. He has a book around 80 pages that go into detail about his plans, i believe.

I respect your opinions, and I hope you, and your other commenters might do the same for me now that i have had the opportunity to better present myself.

By the way I am dying to know who you think I am.

Jason and Kelsey said...

whitney, i totally agree with you. whoever "anonymous" is is a big idiot. obama sucks. he's a glorified terrorist. if he becomes president of this country, we are all screwed. "anonymous" is just an angry person looking to pick a fight. i suggest that "anonymous" grow some b***s and come out and let us all know who you really are. stop hiding behind the anonymity so we can call you on it when your opinions change in sync with the popular opinions of the media, because we all know that's what will happen. it's a text book definition of a democrat.

lauren said...
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lauren said...

i feel so much tension!!!! ha ha ha. this is why i stopped posting my view on politics on my blog... and joined the green party.

okay, not really.

Anonymous said...

Whitney, I hope even you might agree that Jason and Kelsey's response is a little over the top. I think their response is more backed with anger than anything I posted.

I found an interesting article that showed research findings that gave evidence that our political ideologies stem from our genetics. Maybe that is why we have such a hard time understanding people who have different ideologies than ourselves, and people assume those who disagree could only be doing so due to 'media brainwashing'. I think we can both agree such accusations are poor excuses for why people vote the way they do, at least in all cases.

aly said...

i understand that politics are important,and with out politics our democracy would be destroyed....but i think it ruins the love. we are always about avoiding segregation, but in my opinion politics segregate us to a point where people will honestly hate the other for having a different opinion and i think it is sad. and that my friends is why i hate politics. the end.

Anonymous said...

This is starting to get really funny...this is why I made a private arguments get heated...and for me...the slandering and defamation got old. All politics has gone to the dogs. I will vote McCain because I think Obama is a terrorist and he didn't put his hand over his heart also because his church was something that hated America or something like can a man who has grown up against our country suddenly want to run for president?? I think that we will all be in big trouble whoever is in office...atleast its not Hillary. Not that I know anything about politics because I simply don't care...but its funny how anon's points are very democrat in her most recent post. Its funny how strongly people believe in such opposite things...speaking from someone in the health profession.

Emory Mayne said...

"Okay, sure he worked on a few things, nothing worthy of presidential excellence. I might be more inclined to accept him as an acceptable nominee (as a Vice President I think he’d be quite brilliant) if he had more than 2 years as a junior Senator. I want a little seniority. You tell me what he can offer except moving speeches and one example of legislation, and I’ll consider giving him another chance (Note: I’m open-minded)."

Do your own homework, before engaging in political carnaval barking.

Start here ...

Also.... understand the power of the spoken word in the life of a Nation. You might want to read some works by these Americans;

Patrick Henry, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, Bobby Kennedy, John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King.

Then you can move on to Churchill, and his nemesis Adolf Hitler (A Facist that has much in common with the Republican Party today.)

I understand that Republicans aren't 'big' on education (similar to facists), but I am going to assume you are not one of the countless millions of Americans that 'have been left behind.' In which case I am only left to believe you are either intellectualy stunted, easily frightened, or just lazy.

And, I find it ironic that you would chastise a commentor about not using spell check, yet support a candidate for The President of The United States that - by his own admittance - cannot, and does not use a new fangle gadget; the computer.

Anonymous said...

I saddens me that people put more value in patriotic symbols than actual action. If everyone who fails to put their hand over their heart is a terrorist we are screwed.

By the way, do you still support Palin as much now knowing that:

-she has more extreme abortion views than your religion?

-She flat out lied about the 'bridge to nowhere' and earmarks?

-She is part of a party that refuses to answer policy questions, instead wasting their time attacking the opposition in a distorting way that is even low for ten year old boys?

-And last, but not least, the fact that you may very well have more foreign policy experience than her?