Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's Never Going To End...Apparently

Get it? He's two faced.

I just thought it was an interesting email I received, I checked it out. All true Roaring' Rory! Don't waste my time, I don't have to cite anything- I'm not writing a paper and I'm not being published, so back off.

I don't care if you like Obama! I'd expect nothing less. If you don't like my opinion, that's fine. I'm tired of feeling attacked and I don't feel like I can properly defend myself and my views. When Emory and anon. come forward I'll go public again.

I'm going private...and I really hate people who do that. I'm perfectly entitled to support whom I will, as are you. Leave me your email addresses if you want to keep reading my blog.

Also, quit attacking my readers. They are people whose opinion actually matters to me. They are actually invited, and defending me. And honestly, neither of you seems all that intelligent so who can blame them.


Emory Mayne said...

I check it every other day.

Madammoiselle Whitney, it is not my intent, and do not believe I have attacked you, or your commentors in any way.

I believe you called B. Hussein Obama supporters 'psycho.'

By you own verbage here, you have admitted to forwarding a email, and not forming your own opinion of it.

I understand that you have difficulty in defending your views - I would also if I held such views. There is no need to feel that you must defend yourself, as much as you feel another commentor must defend his grammar, or lack of spell check.

Allow me to inform you a little more about myself, and political background.

I began my political awakenoing in 1980 when working for Ronald Reagans campaign as a member of the Young Republicans in college. (COllege of Charleston, Charleston SC)

I did volunteer work for;

George Bush the elder, and Robert Dole.

I would also have you know that in 2000 I was a precinct captain $th Congressiional District, Spartanburg County, Pricinct 32 for JOHN SYDNEY McCAIN.

I not only worked for John, but also met him on three occaisions - once in a small group of 6 other staffers - and met his wife, Cindy, twice.

Please google SC Presidential Politics 2000, for yourself.

I understasnd all too well the politics and working of 'Smear Campaigns' as John McCain does also.

What you have in the Republican Party today is not what the Republican Party was during Ronald Reagan, nor, in the McCain Campaign of 2000.

I do not even recognize the John McCain running today. He isn't even remotely close to the person I once supported, volunteered and worked for.

Nor do I recognize what the Republican Party has become.

Now, I understand that you are a young person, and are new to politics. I admire ALL young people that take the time to be engaged in future of OUR country. BUT, I would have you maintain the 'open mind' you profess, and listen for understanding the campaigns and directions of both of these very decent Americans.

Hate, or attack politics should have no room in public discourse, yet today we see ad spots attacking Obama to the point that he had to attack his opponent, we see email smears proporting Obama to a Muslim, a terrorist supporter, a hater of God and all manner of sillyness.

As Lincoln said; 'If you don't stop lieing about me, then I will have to tell the truth about you'

Now truth is a very vaporous thing. In fact in our mortal live we should not expect truth, but should expect only justice. Truth is absolute, and Man is not the right vehicle from which to message truth.

Justice is withon the realm of humanity, but justice require acurate information, and careful deliberation. What you are supporting in the Republican effort is false information, but deliberate mis-information.

I ask you again to search for you own personal understanding of Liberalism, to take and personal responsibility for you political education.

Demeaming a candidate, while ignoring the falseness of your own is hypocritical, and serves you and our Republic poorly.

Be informed, stay informed, and search for understanding.

Jason and Kelsey said...

oh my gosh this blog has turned into a circus! please make it private ASAP for the sake of my sanity! personally, i love reading your blog and hearing what you have to say. you know i have always found you to be extremely articulate and intelligent. you defend yourself very well, in my opinion. don't let anyone make you feel otherwise. as far as the slam about presenting someone else's views to express your own...there's nothing wrong with that. everyone does it, politicians included. show me one speaker who's never used a story, quote, or other literary source to help support their message. you've got my email... ;)

Anonymous said...

Two faced?

Dennis said...

I like free speech as long as it doesn't become hate speech. The problem of course is that hate is in the eye of the beholder.

Rock on, and don't take people too seriously.

Peace and love;
Obama/Biden 08