Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Okay, I'll admit I was hasty and I have new found respect for Mr Mayne, but as for anon. I still don't think you know what you are talking about. I won't be making my blog private but I am going to switch to google users only! I'll also try harder not to get offended.


lyn. said...

What to go Whitney! Rise above it...

lyn. said...

That was supposed to be Way to go...

Guess I should have previewed it better before I published it! LOL

Emory Mayne said...

And I thank you for you kind words.

I am a little older (obviously) than you are, and although that does not mean I am particularly wiser, it does mean I bring a different POV to political matters.

I have several friends here in Raleigh, that are experiencing unemployment.

I attended the military funeral of a close friend of my elder son. JP, was killed in Al Anbar Provence, Iraq, in January 2006. A wonderful young man that spent many nights, here, in our home. I have written about this in my electronic diary (Jan 06.)

So, politics and this election are very important to me; important to all of us, and we must get it right.

We cannot have our civic deliberation clouded by inaccuracies, and falsehoods. We must be careful and deliberate in our thought process. It is one thing to believe in voting for a candidate for sound reasons - it is another to vote against a candidate based on rumor and inuedo; or inane Party loyalty.

If am come across as being passionate; I am. I can honestly tell you that this election is just too important to me, my friends, and my family, and OUR country.

As you begin your LDS training, (I have never met a member of the LDS Church that I did not like - by the way) I hope you find time to explore not only the differences in these candidates, but to thoroughly understand them, their stories, background, and abilities.

I have said before, and will reiterate; I am not here to change anyones' mind. Utah is a very 'red' state - afterall - so I doubt any blog comment is going to push Utah into the Obama column.

So, again thank you; enjoy your day and upcoming weekend.

E<---- Wants change, like a desert wants the rain.

lyn. said...

Emory, I bet I'm even older... {-:

The thing that bothers me most about this election is the mind set that the government should be taking care of us all in every aspect of our lives. I just don't buy it. This country was founded on hard work, personal sacrifice, neighbors working together, and taking care of each other. Over the last 50 years that ethic as been waning steadily.

Probably the most glaring example of this was the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. I feel for every person who was effected by that natural disaster, and contributed to the aid that was sent there. But, what really bothered me, as I watched the news reports on TV, was all the people sitting outside the stadium crying foul because the government wasn't doing enough for them. I saw people dying in front of hundreds of fellow human beings and not one person raised a finger or a hand to help or comfort. What ever happened to helping each other out on our own? I don't care how bad off we may think we are, there is always someone else who has it worse. I fear that this kind of apathy is a result of Americans getting too many handouts from the government. Remember the old old saying give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach him to fish and he will never go hungry? It does speak the truth!

If you want to see a welfare program that really works check this out: It works because each person who receives any assistance does everything they can to work and/or pay for what they get.

I would be the first to say that there are things that need changing in our country, but one change we don't need is raised taxes to fund more handouts for people who sit around on government welfare and do nothing but complain. Yes, it would be nice if the extremely wealthy [movie stars, sports heroes, self-made billionaires, etc.] were more generous with their blessings, but it would not be fair for them to have to more taxes than the rest of us, just as it isn't fair for them to get tax breaks the rest of us don't receive. To be fair, taxes need to be the same for everyone across the board, and they should not be a heavy burden either.

And while I talking about fair... why is it fair or ethical for our federally elected officials to have a different, and much more secure and lucrative, retirement system than Social Security that they provide for the general public? [Wow, that was a totally random question snatched out of thin air, but a good one, I must say...]

Another change we need in our country is more honesty and integrity, and that goes for everyone, not just the politicians government officials, and the news media [even though those mentioned could surely use an extra dose]. It seems that we have become a nation of people who look out just for our own selfish interests and will do anything [legal or illegal] to make a quick buck, to try to be better than someone else or have power over them, and to always have to be first or to win every time. We truly have become a prideful people, and as it says in Proverbs 16:18 Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall. [If you didn't catch it - that is a warning to us all...]

What we need is more humility and a pride that comes only from realizing our personal accomplishments when we see in ourselves that we are better today than we were yesterday [no comparisons here with other people]. This is the kind of pride that the song "I'm Proud to be an American" is all about. A pride that comes from each American working hard, doing their personal best, and then coming together as One Nation Under God to help each other out the best we can. To see a great example of this take a look here and read it thoroughly:

Right now, I am feeling that on November 4, I will be voting for one of two very mediocre candidates for President of the United States, and wondering how we got ourselves into this predicament. I have always been a person to study the issues and candidates for every election and have always voted for who I feel is the best candidate regardless of party. [Just for the record, I have voted in every election, primary and general; local, state, and national since I registered when I turn 18. [And that has been a good many trips to the voting booth!]

As you have probably noticed, if the election were today, I would be voting for McCain because for me he is the lesser of two evils. There was a time when I thought I would probably vote for Obama, but as I learned more about him I changed my mind. In fact, at this point I find him quite scary. He is calling for change, but so far, what that change would entail is very nebulous. It bothers me that he sees the American flag as negative thing, and will not show proper respect for it. I have always been leery of smooth talkers and snake oil salesmen, who are only in it for themselves. And I believe Obama to be one of the smoothest talkers around, who is selling us a useless bag of goods. I just don't trust him... [Those are just my own, honest opinions.]

I can't stand it when candidates feel they have to trash their opponents by digging up any dirt they can find [true or not], instead of running on their own good merits and deeds. In fact, I am sick of this whole election debacle. I can't wait until it is over. But, rest assured that whoever is elected president, that person will be my president, and I will be respectful of him and the office he holds, as I always have, whether I voted for him or not!

It used to be that after an election our country would forget the politics and party affiliations and come together and work toward a better America. What has happened? Now every issue becomes a fight along party lines. It really makes me sad...

OK I.m done!!

[Sorry, Whitney for taking up so much of your space. You are so much better than me at expressing yourself, but there were some things that I just needed to say.]

Emory Mayne said...


Thank you for your post. It is good to read something from a fellow citizen, that does not chastise or insult.

I will reply; as I think your dialogue is good, and deserves a reasoned response.

I checked out the LDS link, and concur. For all the dis-information surrounding LDS (at least here in the Fundementalist South) I have rarely met a people faith that walk in life of Christ so honestly.

Allow me some time to thoughtfully respond.

Thank you again,


aly said...

mr. emory i want to hear your thoughtful response.... you fascinate me! :)

brandon & brittany said...

I'm gonna miss you, but I'm so excited for you too! You will be such an awesome missionary!