Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Uno Mas

Okay, as soon as I say I'm done blogging something comes up! I'll probably post a couple of things before I go! This is for all those psycho B. Hussein Obama fans!

Just Some of What Defines Barack Obama:

· He voted for partial birth abortion.
· He voted no on notifying parents of minors who get
out-of-state abortions.
· Supports affirmative action in Colleges and Government
· In 2001 he questioned harsh penalties for drug dealing as
0Abeing too severe.
· Says he will deal with street level drug dealing as minimum
wage affair.
· Admitted his use of marijuana and cocaine in high school
and in college.
· His religious convictions are very murky.
· He is willing to meet with Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Kim
Jung Il and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
· Has said that one of his first goals after being elected
would be to have a conference with all Muslim nations. Why?
· Opposed the Patriot Act.
· First bill he signed that was ever passed was campaign
finance reform.
· Voted to allow law suits against gun manufacturers.
· Supports=2 0universal health-care.
· Voted yes on providing habeas corpus for Guantanamo
· Supports granting driver's licenses to illegal immigrants.
Supports extending welfare to illegal immigrants.
0 · Voted yes on comprehensive immigration reform.
· Voted yes on allowing illegal aliens to participate in
Social Security.
· Wants to make the minimum wage a 'living wage'.
· Voted with Democratic Party 96 percent of 251 votes. (241
votes Demo, 10 votes Republican)
· Is a big believer in the separation of church and state.
· Opposed to any efforts to Privatize Social Security and
instead supports
increasing the amount of
tax paid into Soc. Sec. Tax Increase.
· He voted No on repealing the Alternative Minimum Tax which
now hits middle income brackets. Tax Increase.
· He voted No on repealing the 'Death' Tax. Tax Increase.
&nb sp; · He wants to raise the Capital Gains Tax. Tax
· Has repeatedly said the surge in Iraq has not
succeeded...which is not true.
· He is ranked as the most liberal Senator in the Senate
today and that takesA
0some doing.

If your political choices are consistent with Barack Obama's
and you think that his positions will bring America together or make it
a better place, then you will probably enjoy the ride and not forward
this Email. If you are like most Americans that after examining what
he stands for, are truly not in line with his record, it would be
prudent to get off the wave or better yet, never get on, before it comes
on shore and undermines the very foundations of this great Country. We
have limited time to save America or the Supreme Court as we know it.

Inaction is action.


Emory Mayne said...

a copy ad paste on someone else's thoughts is a poor way to represent YOUR own views.

If this is the kind of slop you generate, then it is obvious to me that you have little interest in politics, or America.

Also, for future reference please show your reference for such a list; most of which are unadultered lies.

Anyone wishing to learn about Barack Obama, I would have you look at his website at barackobama.com.

You may also want to check several other neutral sources for information.

I will not bother to write a line by line rebutal of each and every charge made in this copy and paste.

I you are copy and paste people, then you would have loved The National Socialist movement.

In America we inherited hard won freedoms, I urge you exercise YOUR freedom, and become an informed citizen.

Simply Copy and pasting obvious lies and half truths is not information - it is dis-information. Especially so when the original auther is not given, and no mention of authorship is presented.

We call this type of information 'rumor mongering'

I take it that Whitney is either uneducated in notation, callous to detail, or perhaps just very lazy. Either way, this diatribe should be filed under rumor, or libel - which can be prosecuted.

Also, I am not a 'pycho' B Hussein Obama person - and I am not the one walking around in 'Minnie Mouse' shoes - thank you very much.

Anonymous said...


lyn. said...

Hmmmm... if a person's views differ from yours, said person is uninformed and uneducated...

What would you be if your views differ from theirs, Emory?

P.S. Do you ever preview your comments for errors and typos before you publish them? Just wondering...

brandon & brittany said...

Emory and Annon.

If you are trying to win an audience here on this blog; insults, poor grammar, and other weak tactics are not the way to do it. You both come off as people who have nothing to do and who are hanging on by a thread.

Emory Mayne said...

"Hmmmm... if a person's views differ from yours, said person is uninformed and uneducated... "

Not at all Lyn.

Anyone holding a differing view than mine is not nessercerily uneducated, or uninformed. However, when a person is obviously uniformed, then that must be admonished.

If you look at this copy and paste list, you find many Un-American charges, that are not uniquely Obamas'.

Example - 'Is a big believer in Separation of Church and State.' Please read the works of many of our founding fathers in that regard. Please read the the marble tablets upon the Jefferson Memorial (found on the internet if you have never been there in person - I have, many times) concerning the religous views and government.

As a child growing up in Northern Ireland, I can attest to the importance of such a separation, and foresight of the founders in separating Church from State.

The intent in 1783 was not to protect Government from Church, but to protect Church from Government. Today, we have all manner of Fundementalist, Evangelical churchs attacking Government and becoming politicaly motivated from the 'pulpit.'We have citizenry that would eagerly disregard the separation and in so doing - the Consttution.

We call this Conservative family values, when in fact it is nothing more that an affront to the founders, the Constitution, and the United States of America.

Obama spent many years organising churchs in Chicago; to better the lives of people in much reduced circumstances. To me, this community work through churchs smacks of an over reach of Church. The list provided offers an opposite and uninformed position that Obama himself is guilty of - Promoting Church.

However; I see more of his thoughts and appreciate more of views that I agree with, than I think detracts from him.

'Opposed to any efforts to Privatize Social Security' for example. As we have seen in the recent melt down of Financial brockerage houses, the Social Security net should not be left to the chance and dictates of Wall Street market forces. When a market can (and recently has) lost $500 billion in a single day, then putting at risk the security net of millions of Americans should not be considered as a sound financial judgement.

So on the whole Lyn, whether I agree or disagree with your positions is not the issue with this copy and paste laziness. What is at issue is the information within these obvious rumors milling.

AND ..... No I do not preview my comments or run spell check. Sorry, deal with it - or don't read the comment.



I am not wanting to WIN anyone over. In fact I would strongly urge you to vote, even knowing that you are voting against my views (and American values.)

It is a right that is all to often taken for granted. What I am urging you to do is to look at the issues at hand, within the framework of the American Constitution, and not some copy and paste diatribe from some undisclosed location. I would have you understand Liberalism as a political movement, and not from a series of disingenuous and erroneous republican attacks.

DO you believe in child labor laws?
Do you believe in Civil rights?
Do you believe Women should vote?
DO you believe in individual rights and in equal opportunity?
Do you believe in equality in law?
Do you beleive in education for all?
Do you bleive that ecomonic monopolies are a good thing or a bad thing?
Do you blieve in checks and balances within Government?
Do you believe in one STATE religion, or the protection of Church through separation from government?
DO you believe in strong individual freedoms of Speech, thought, assembly, religion, and dare I add 'happiness' as Thomas Jefferson did in the Declaration?

Brittany, there are so many thoughts on Liberalism that you simply take for granted in your life today. Yet, you form an opinion of Liberalism based on false assuptions, without ever understanding the true power of Liberalism in the context of Democracy.

NO, I am not here to convert of pursude, or to change a mind. I am here to motivate you to understand that which YOU believe in, and to rightly identify why you hold differing views, than those founding fathers that appreciated 'self evident truths'

Anonymous said...

wow, I am not the only anonymous. Well this is the original anonymous, and I just wanted to let you know I will be leaving you alone now. I had a lot of time to think on things and it isnt so much about right and wrong as it is about different opinions on how to deal with issues. I hope in the future I will be more open and understanding of conservative views, and I hope you will be more understanding of liberal views.

And please, whitney, stop accusing people of being unintelligent just because they disagree with you. It is very childish.

brandon & brittany said...

lol! how do you know who i'm voting for? i don't even know who i am voting or yet. ::Smiles::

lyn. said...

Oh, Emory, you are so angry! I feel sorry for you... and I feel sorry for me because if you had only put you last comment first, I wouldn't have wasted my time...

Emory Mayne said...

Lyn, dahling, another retort used against Liberals is that we are angry; we are just 'angry Liberals.'

Well, yes, I am angry. I freely admit it; but it is an anger tempered with passion, resolve and hope!

A quote for your consideration;

"There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest."
- Elie Weisel

Anger is not as evil as indifference. Indifference kills the human spirit, dulls the life we are given, stagnates our potencial.

I refuse to be indifferent to the World, nolonger passive or insensitive to those around me, no longer willing to ignore injustice - indifferently.

Angry? yes - but determined and passionate, and resolute.

Emory Mayne said...

Please pardon the double post.

On indiffence, and passion, and anger I remember this.


It should give you a clearer understanding of my refusel to live indifferently any longer.

chip said...

Why do people have to comment on people's grammar and spelling? are these the only things you find important to point out?

And to Mayne, there really may be no point in wasting so much energy in writing such well thought out, educated posts because most people who are staunch Republicans won't hear you. It's such a lost cause...it's really depressing. People will support McCain and Palin, dead wolves, caribou, polar bears, Gods and Guns and all!

chip said...

p.s. looking forward to the debate, if McCain stops trying to postpone it.

chip said...

oh i mean, if ONLY he would stop postponing. I wouldn't want people to get offended by my bad grammar.

Lucy White said...

Wow. That is amusing to read