Friday, September 5, 2008

Ignorance is All Bliss and Democrats

Although I've always suspected my anonymous blogger is an idiot, now I'm pretty certain. If I thought said commenter was just another Democrat with bad information I would bother writing a simple retort. Since it is now obvious that this person didn't even read my last rebuttal or the facts that I backed it up with, now the claws are coming out.

Congratulations, I'm annoyed. I listened to your points and given you my thoughts, but honestly, you just seem intent on pissing me off rather than respectfully challenging my belief system.

I considered voting for Obama; however, I quickly discovered that the only thing he is capable of is giving a convincing speech. His voting record is abysmal, his books are full of elitist wishful thinking, and his experience is paltry.

As for Sarah Palin, and I'm not going to repeat myself on the notes you already hit. I don't think her family is in anyway embarrassed. Newsflash, politicians lead very public lives, I can't believe I'm letting you in on that. As for her scandal, I don't believe for a second that you even know what it was about. Cronyism is everywhere, this was just a more public example than most, and considering most political scandals are much worse, I’ll take it.

If she was a "token choice" what in the world do you think Biden was? He's Obama's last grasp at legitimacy. The man is so inexperienced and lackluster that he needed to get a democrat with a long record of liberal service. He needed him, to appeal to white middle-aged men. As for the inaccuracies (I won't bother pointing out your party's) I believe Joe Biden has been formerly accused of plagiarism. They were not blatant blunders, they were slight exaggerations. He really has not written any legislation if you compare it to all of McCain’s. It was a convention not a major debate, the whole goal is to rally. Question: Do you even know what earmarks are?

Did you happen to notice McCain's mother on stage? She is ninety-six years old, I don't think McCain is going to drop dead anytime soon. Palin will not have to take over.

Just so you know, I consider you one of those "dumb Americans", so stop commenting on my blog until you have an informed opinion instead of being another idiotic proponent of the mass media.

Sarah Palin was a token choice. It was an attempt to pull Hillary supporters and make McCain have a 'something new' edge. She lacks experience, she was involved in scandal, and she brought her family into the political light in a very embarrassing way.

Not to mention her speech the other night had several 'inaccuracies' and misleading's in it, but she will get away with it because Americans are too dumb to do research for themselves.

here is the link so you can see how much she lied to the American people.

September 4, 2008 7:42 PM

PS. Really? How hard is it to run spell check?
I also have a pretty good idea of who you are, seeing as I'm not the first person you've harrassed, so really I'm going to need that informed opinion cowardly Anonymous.


Elizabeth said...

i love you Whitney. this is great. ;o)

Anonymous said...

First thing I would like to clarify is we have never met, I promise you that. I posted anonymously because I do not have a blog at this web address, and I did not intend to seem as though I was flat out attacking you in an attempt to get under your skin. Apparently you had to resort to petty insulting in a weak attempt to draw attention from the true debate at hand, though? (“PS. Really? How hard is it to run spell check?”)
You can assume I have a lack of experience, in fact you already have, but seeing that I have a masters degree in Political Science I think the opposite is quite true. I hope that our debate can be more formal and respectful from this point on.
You bring up that Sen. Obama is, in essence, an empty suit with a lack of experience and great oratory skills, but nothing else. I would like to point out that some of the most popular presidents of all time had a lack of experience, yet were very effective leaders (Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Wilson).
You will find several other representatives and senators within congress who also have ‘abysmal’ voting records by your standards, but you fail to leave out that “Obama has worked with Republicans to pass legislation that expanded efforts to intercept illegal shipments of weapons of mass destruction and to help destroy conventional weapons stockpiles. The legislation became law last year. To demean that accomplishment would be to also demean the work of Republican Sen. Richard Lugar of Indiana, a respected foreign policy voice in the Senate. In Illinois, he was the leader on two big, contentious measures in Illinois: studying racial profiling by police and requiring recordings of interrogations in potential death penalty cases. He also successfully co-sponsored major ethics reform legislation.”
McCain definitely has more experience, but as history has shown that guarantees nothing.
Politicians will be in the public eye, this comes with the job, but that does not mean that they have to drag their families into the public with them, especially the way Palin did. It is a presidential race between candidates, not families.
Palin is a token choice because she comes without experience, Biden’s experience does not make him a token choice, it makes him an educated choice. I would once again like to encourage you to find other things to beat Sen. Obama about other than his experience, given my note above. You also bring up Biden’s plagiarism. McCain had an affair during his first marriage, and is now married to the woman he had the affair with. People are not perfect, they make mistakes.
McCain’s mother is old, yes, but that doesn’t mean he will have the same fortune. My great grandmother lived to be past ninety, but my grandfather (her son) died of cancer at 65, something McCain has a history of.

I must confess, I am, and probably always will be a Democrat, but not because I am uninformed, because like you I want what is best for this country, I simply have different opinions and ideas about how to achieve this prosperity than you.
I hope your response will be civil, given that I tried to present mine that way, and for the record I used to respect both John McCain and Mitt Romney quite a bit. I just don’t like who they became when they decided to run for president.

Emory Mayne said...

Pleeeeeeze …… Here is Palintology 101.

Don’t let facts get in the way of your PROVO-lony.

FACT 1 – Phalin requested 46 million dollars of your money for Wasilla AK; a town of 5000 people - or $9,200.00 for every man, woman and child in that town. Could you have used this money? This makes Wasilla pretty much the biggest 'Welfare Town' in the US - don't you think?

FACT 2 – Phalin cut Town funding for Rape Kits. That's right, if you are raped in Wasilla, then you had to purchase your own Rape Kit to prove it. Tough on crime, but tougher of Women is more the reality.

FACT 3 – Phalin attended 6 colleges in 5 years to gain a 4 year degree in Journalism. Not exactly the fast track 'Barracuda' eh? Phalin did not involve herself in any student activities, or is particularly remembered by any of her Professors.

FACT 4 – Phalin strongly supported the 'Bridge to Nowhere.' A 200 million dollar bridge serving less than 100 people per day; or 2 million dollars (of your money) per person per year / $5480.00 per person per day. Phalin is now against it, after it became politically 'radio-active.'

FACT 5 - Phalin said she sold the Governors Jet on EBay, when in reality it never sold on EBay, but was sold at a tremendous taxpayer loss by a Licensed Broker. Do you really think a corporation would buy a used jet on EBay? - This is either too cute by half, stupid, or just totally naive.

FACT 6 – Phalin is currently under State Investigation for abuse of power. She has been Governor of Alaska (smaller population than Suburban SLC) for less than 18 months.

FACT 7 - In order to finance State Government, Alaska primarily depends on Oil revenues and Federal Subsidies. In other words Phalin is a 'Porker' well entrenched in the pockets of 'Big Oil' money.

FACT 8 – Phalin talks about fighting lobbyists and government reform, but actually hired additional K-Street lobbyists to get more 'Pork' out of Washington DC. Job creation? No just the same old swill from Con Swerve and Twists.

FACT 9 – Phalin takes a 'Per Diem' while working from home. That's right; she takes tax payer money to stay at home instead of actually going to the office. Nice ' gig' if you can get it.

FACT 10 – Phalin said she fired her personal Chef ( to the dismay of her brood,) when in reality she just doubled this poor saps work load without compensation, and reassigned the billing to another department. The Chef still prepares meals for her, her kids and her 'alcoholically challenged' husband - today.

FACT 11 – Phalin said that Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae had become too big to be a government agency. Of course the reality is that Freddie and Fannie are Private Corporations, not Government entities. This just shows the amount of ‘fluff’ and lack of any credibility she has beyond Wasilla, AK. Shockingly ignorant, unintelligent, and totally uninformed about even the basics.

FACT 12 – Phalin sells herself as the average Hockey mom/ Mao-Mart Women, however, her rimless Titanium glasses are Kawasaki 704 frames - designed in Japan; the frames sell for $375.00 and complete with lens can sell for as much as $700.00. (Maybe she picked them up on EBay) Not sure how many 'Mao-Mart moms' can afford wearing $700.00 titanium framed glasses nowadays (a month’s salary for a Mao Mart employee.) About as many average American workers that are wearing McCain’s $700.00 loafers - I suppose.

Now these are just a few things that are coming to light, from this reckless dark horse pick. AND remember, if you are a Republican con swerve and twist you don’t need facts. You can make facts up like WMD's, wrap them in something shiny like a 'hockey mom', and feed them to the weak minded out in Utah.

As for her knocked up teenage daughters inability to ‘just say no’ when grubbing around in front seat of F-150; its none of my business. I don’t count myself in the group of con swerve and twist morons that think you can legislate morality. You get your moral compass from you parents.

Thank you, no. I don’t care to buy your Provo-loney today.