Thursday, February 14, 2008


This is my list- hopefully it will quash any remains of "love" lingering.

1. Titanic- what you say? This romantic gem? Yes. For all you single gals absolutely loathing VD Day, this is perfect, Rose ends up alone. Don't let go, Jack! I think we were all relieved with that poetic ending. Let go already!

2. There will be blood. What blood is red, in keeping with the VD theme. Plus I could watch Daniel Day-Lewis read a phone book and be thoroughly entertained.

3. If you are just feeling a little wistful, you might want to go see 27 dresses, just to remind you that it might just take you a while to find Mr. Perfect (whom I believe is just the make believe person too many movies and books have made us believe in). You can also hate your sister for getting married first (sorry M.). Also if Katherine Hiegel can't get married who can?

4. The Hottie and the Nottie- What could be better for the feminist movement than Paris Hilton- this is bound to be atrocious, which means a lot of laughs at Paris' expense. What in the world could make a girl feel better than not being Paris Hilton?

5. The Star Wars Trilogy (original). There is probably a reason you're single, so embrace who you are. If you live with your parents, collect figurines, or have devoted your life to gaming, this is the movie for you. This is also interchangeable with LOTR.

6. My so-called life- not a movie I know, but the teen angst is so great! You can at least feel better that you aren't a moony teenager anymore. Plus Jared Leto is nice eye candy. It's also a great time waster, before you know it 2.14 will be over! Hooray!

7. Young at Heart. This is an old Doris Day & Frank Sinatra flick- although it is a love story; it's quite the bumpy ride. Plus it shows that love is not always ideal, but messy and painful. Bonus: Frank Sinatra singing can only soothe the soul.

8. The Break Up- Petty games + they don't end up together. Makes you remember why you are single.

9.Sweeny Todd. Nothing like getting your revenge on, and hey blood is red! Even with a sallow complexion and salt and pepper hair Johnny Depp is still a fox, and a great actor.

10. Gone With The Wind. Miss Scarlett is that southern belle you love to hate. The girl that steals your man and then gets what she deserves when she is left all alone. A reminder that love doesn’t triumph all, it’s usually more or less, a crapshoot. Bonus: She has some truly admirable spunk and a fabulous wardrobe.


aly said...

i agree with your list- good work! but i must say that i went and say step up two- the streets. and well it didn't make me want a boyfriend at all(partly because the kissing scene was incredibly cheesy) but it just made me wish i was a hard core girl from the streets (aka the ghetto) with impecible or should i say off the chain dance moves!

brandon & brittany said...

whit, you kill me. i loved reading this! Haven't seen a few, was the break up good?