Friday, November 30, 2007


I saw this on Lauren's page! I just had to do these myself. Total nightmare, although not as bad as hers!

1 clean bathtub
a remove all hard water build-up and soap scum from shower and tub walls, floor, fixtures and faucets. Razor blade is encouraged.
2 wash shower curtain in both bathrooms
3 clean toilet
a this includes all stains in the bowl, toilet seat, under the seat, base of the toilet and chrome and plumbing fixtures.
6 Sweep and Mop the floors.
7 Clean the sink and mirror and countertop
a Remove all hard water build-up, soap scum, and hair from the sink, faucets, and fixtures.
21 Vacuum the carpet. Make sure to get under the bed and edges.


brandon & brittany said...

i saw this photo on lauren's blot too and it makes me giggle each time. that is one scary toilet. so when i clean our bathroom, it takes me about an hour and a half each time...

lyn. said...

I'm glad I have a cleaning lady that does the toilets and of the luxuries that come with getting older! HaHa

Loquacious Leslie said...

Hey, remember me-I gave you birth and yet the toilets at the house still look like your picture. Come over anytime!
Love, Mom

LAUREN said...

i feel your pain!!!