Friday, November 30, 2007



I saw fog rolling over the mountains in preparation for the storm.

I heard the high pitch whine of the drill cutting through my desk in search of escape.

I smelled really delicious cinnamon almonds really permeating the air.

I touched the soft mushy grip of my new pen as I check invoices.

I tasted a smooth creamy chocolate mint truffle melting in my mouth.


lyn. said...

I love the creativity in your writing, Whitney! Who else would have thought to use the five senses to describe some of the normal things that happen in a typical day, and do it so well? This would make a great writing assignment at school... Would you mind if I shared the idea with some of your upper-grade teachers?

brandon & brittany said...

cinnamon almonds...yummy!

LAUREN said...

ahhhhhhhhh now i want a mint truffle!

aly said...

you had an interesting day!