Thursday, November 1, 2007

10 dislikes

My blog is full of things I either love or want so I thought I'd shake things up!

10 things I could do without:

10. People who say "Funner" or "Funnest", those ain't words people!
9. The crunching of cotton balls or snow, the second I hear it I cringe and all of the sudden my skin is crawling in goosebumps. Too bad Utah is full of long winters!
8. People who don't use the left lane of traffic correctly. I'll admit I'm a speeder, the left lane is the passing lane, and slow people should move on over!
7. When you loan something you love to somebody and they just trash it, so inconsiderate.
6. When people say unkind things about a friend or loved one of yours, it just isn't smart. It's going to get repeated. I'm loyal, I don't like people who aren't.
5. Dirty politics. Anybody with sense will tell you that there's no such thing as a politician with nothing to hide. So don't run a smear campaign, it only makes you look petty.
4. Backhanded compliments. It drives people crazy when you tell them they look so good for having 6 children. Jeez, exercise a little common sense.
3. Being politically correct. Life isn't politically correct, life is messy and unfair. Overcompensating by tip toeing over important issues isn't going to improve anything(e.g. the M&M campaign a few years back, they were changing the original M&M's from plain to milk. Did anybody care?).
2. I really don't like being called Whit, it's way too common to be a good nickname. Get a little creative, my youngest sister calls me Whitspit, and Melissa calls me Skinny(get it? Cause I'm not!), you get the idea!
1. I hate it when people talk about gross things, keep it too your self. Anything that relates to blemishes, flatulence, or any other kind of crudness; that is something I definitely don't want to know about!

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