Monday, October 5, 2009

Week 43


WE did get to watch General Conference even down here in Ecuador! On the downside, I had to watch it in Spanish so I feel like I might have missed some important things...I understand almost everything at this point but they use so many old and big words in General Conference! I did get to explain warm-fuzzies to all of the latin missionaries. The translator for President Monson just said he didn´t know what they were, it was kind of hilarious. Elder Richard G. Scott and Elder Neil L. Andersen both gave their own talks in Spanish. Elder Andersen´s Spanish isn´t great he has a weird french accent but he´s intelligible. Elder Scott still speaks his spanish really well.

I loved Elder Holland´s talk the most. It´s nice to see somebody with so much energy for the gospel. His talk was very helpful for those of us on missions! It will give me some new material to use with our investigators.

I felt a little discouraged this week thinking that we weren´t getting much done. When we ended the week though I was quite surprised at our numbers. We were a little low in our lessons taught but almost every other category was higher. I think it really is true the the Lord blesses you when you spend a little extra time on your knees.

We are finding a lot of new and great investigators. Juanjosé Falconi is among them; he investigated the church about 5 years ago and recently his sister has been baptized in another Ward in Ambato and passed us the reference. He and his daughter seem to be really interested.

Also, Rosa and Oscar had us over for a Family Home Evening and we taught their neighbor, Angelica. I already know her though because Hna. Mérida and I knocked on her door when I was here before and we were teaching her children. Joselyn, David, and Cyntia. Joselyn really loves everything church related. She´s such a special kid! They all came to a session of the Conference yesterday too!

Anyway, I am happy and healthy (except for a cold, but that seems to be a permanent condition).

Love from Ecuador,

Hermana Whitney Tanner

Also Happiest of Birthdays to my Sis, M-er´s, 22 years!
AND Natalie W. I miss and love you both!

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