Monday, October 19, 2009

Week 45

Ecua-fact: They divide up High School here. There are students in the morning until lunchtime, then in the afternoon until dinnertime. They even have night classes. They don´t have school lunch. Darn.


It´s been a slow week because of Zone Conference! We didn´t seem to get much done!

Although we did drag Javier Jojoa with us to all of our appointments yesterday. I don´t think he particularly enjoyed it...but that could be because he´s not a huge fan of buses, worse still buseta´s, they are vans that cram pretty much everybody they can in because the buses don´t run Sunday´s to the smaller locations. He really was the perfect choice though, he has such a great testimony and so many personal experiences that qualify him to help others.

In other news, Marisela didn´t fare too well this week, she drank a little on Saturday. It´s so much harder to see after Baptism. She truly feels bad and is already working on repentance. She´s is so great, always giving us references so that they can have and feel what she does.

Javier Borja and his wife Monica are also doing well. Apart from drinking all night Saturday, but he has decided to quit and we haven´t even taught the Word of Wisdom yet. They are such a beautiful little family though. I feel an extra push to help them out because Javier is Octavio´s brother (in Riobamba). It´s going to be a lot of work though!

It´s been a bit hard to get a hold of everybody this week and we are still looking for new people ready for the Gospel!

Another great week gone and not much left to go!

Hermana Tanner

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