Monday, September 21, 2009

Week 41

Can you see the teeth? EWWWWWWWWWW.
Poor little Hector, that is my ginea pig!
Why, yes that is head of ginea pig. This is what pretty much all food looks like.
A slightly better picture of my companion and I!
You know you love me, and miss me lots, and are going to send me letters and or packages!


Ecua-fact: They don´t have public food heath laws. I´m going to come home a lot less concerned with sanitation when I come home!!!

Marina is getting baptized!!! I asked President Sloan for some advice and he told me to read Moroni 7:19. He told me to call him out and ask him why he didn´t want a better spouse and mother for his children; because he´s a bully and bullies don´t like confrontation but they will usually back off afterwards. Totally did it and it totally worked! I have his permission in writing! I was surprised and how well it worked. I read something the other day that said: "Overbearence is Boldness without love." I´m so excited because Marina has wanted to get baptized for so long now. We have her date for this Saturday, but I´m not convinced that she is ready. So we might be moving her baptismal date to conference weekend! It´s even more special though because Marina Her├ęz is one of my contacts! I´ve yet to have a contact get baptized!
It was a long awaited answer to prayer to be able to talk to Luis, and I´m so grateful that we had the opportunity.

Looks like I will be staying in Ambato this next change! Which is great news for me, I´m ready to stay in a sector a little longer than a month and a half! I really love it here and there are so many good people ready to hear the gospel. We are still desperately looking for new investigators and have been stood up more than usual this past week. Yesterday alone only one of our appointments was home when they said they would be; we had 7 appointments lined up!

So yeah, I ate ginea pig, or Cuy (cu-wee). Although I definitely did not enjoy the texture or taste, it wasn´t as bad as I had imagined. It´s like really fatty dark meat. The worst part is that they leave the head with teeth and everything; also the claws. I would have to say that I prefer it to chicken foot though. I don´t know, it´s a toss up.

Love from Ecuador,

Hermana Whitney Tanner


Loquacious Leslie said...

That is just totally sic!!!!!!!!!!!! I want no more complaints no matter what I fix for dinner when you come home!

Jen said...

hahaha I love your face!