Monday, September 14, 2009

Week 40

Doménica Garcia y Marisela Solís

On the way back from Zone Conference. What a good looking group.

Elder Cedeño is our new assitant! I thought his jacket lining was pretty cool.


Another really great week. Marisela del Rosio Solís Molina and Doménica Monserreth Garcia Solís got baptized. In other good news I think I´m finally used to them having a million names too! The water was freezing again, which was too bad, especially because we didn´t know and therefore Marisela and Doménica had quite the shock going in. We met with them yesterday and unfortunately they aren´t doing well. Marisela can´t pay her rent, somebody broke in and stole their rent money. Her family is also giving her a hard time about her baptism. They kept telling her that she and Doménica were baptized in Rio Ambato which is famous for being filthy. Anyway, they were a little dis-heartened, but I have faith that they will pull through. She even brought some friends to see her get baptized and we have some new investigators because of it. I love that our new members and investigators have more enthusiasm for the work then the members sometimes.

Javier is still doing well and looks like he will be here for a bit longer than we had planned on! I´m excited, it looks like I will also be here for my next transfer, but really you never know with me...seriously.

We also had our Zone Conference this past week. We had to wake up at 4:30 in the morning to get to Riobamba on time. So we were pretty wiped out but as always we left feeling more excited to work!

We have a new Bishop in Recreo (my ward), Ulipano Fernandin Ruiz, it´s a mouthful. Unfortunately he didn´t quite recieve a warm welcome. He was only sustained by about 25 people. We have a lot of work to do with the members...reunite. It´s not the most fun situation but I´m sure I´m supposed to learn something from it.

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