Monday, April 27, 2009

Yes, A P-day Post

Seriously beautiful, no?

This is my fish, that I caught, and that I ate, and that I touched when it was alive. I had to include it or some people might not believe me.

See, you didn´t believe me did you?

I thought you would all like to see the most beautiful place in the world: BaƱos. We had to cross the canyon in a basked that ran on a motor! Seriously cool. Get this Utahns: The waterfalls name is Vela de Novia or Bridal Veil Falls. Crazy.


Jen said...

noooo. I don't believe it. That fish is NASTAY. You look hot though.

Loquacious Leslie said...

I am very proud of you! It is beautiful over there!!!

lyn. said...

Bride's veils come in all shapes and sizes, donchaknow... :-D

Gorgeous pictures!!

P.S. One of our intern teachers next year served in the Ecuador, Quito mission! Her name is Nikki (Nicole) Bingham. Maybe somebody there remembers her...

Farah said...

wow...gorgeous pictures!