Monday, May 4, 2009

Week 22

Hey Everybody-

Ecua-fact: It usually costs 10 cents to go to the bathroom in a public place. When the toilet paper is free, it´s a pretty happy experience. They are some of the shadiest bathrooms I´ve ever seen.

Things are going really well with Paco (M. thought you would appreciate that name) and Estefania. They have already been to church twice now, which is the minimum requirement for a Baptism, they even came and stayed for all three hours. Which is more than the majority of our members come for. Their mother Maria Luz is so glad that they´ve stopped drinking and smoking that she wants us to come by every day at about 8:00pm. A bit hard, but it´s always nice to go somewhere we are wanted. Sometimes even rare! They really are doing great. Paco is always asking questions and Estefania has decided to wait for Matthew to come home from his mission ( I told her she would have to be a member first). The gospel really does do wonders for the family. Everyday I become more and more convinced that I´m the luckiest person in the world to have been born into the Gospel. I can´t believe how blessed I am, I really had no idea!

Ana is doing okay, but she didn´t come to church this week! We are still working with her husband, but he hasn´t been able to quit drinking and smoking yet! I´m hoping he will soon because you never know how long your going to be in an area, and I´d like to see him get baptized!

We had a ward activity this week, probably one of the most stressful things ever. We watched the Joseph Smith movie. Which isn´t available to you spoiled people in the United States, but in Ecuador pirated copies are legal...interesting no? More members came then attended Sacrament meeting. We have an activity planned for every week in May and are hoping it will motivate the ward.

We had Zone Conference this past week which meant traveling to Ambato 4 times, 8 dollars wasted in buses, smelly, people crammed buses. It´s always worth it though, President Sloan really is a great man and I always come away with so much afterwards. He told me I will be changed again, so I don´t have much time in Latacunga left! He said I´ll be heading to Otavalo or Ibarra again! He has been known to change his mind though! Let you know in a couple of weeks.

Hna. Whitney Tanner

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