Monday, May 11, 2009

Week 23

Hey Everybody-

Ecuafact- I can buy 3 pineapples for a dollar!

Zone Conference was this past week and this is the picture of my zone!

This is Jhon Carlo, no not spelled wrong, The Lord seems to know that I need a little brother with Downs in every sector! I´m pretty lucky! We are teaching his mother Jeaneth. She´s not super interested but we´re working on it! She and her husband own some Cabina´s (they are like payphones, but not!).

This is Santiago, he´s too young to be an investigator but we are teaching his older brother and sister Paco and Estefanía! I wrote about them last week. They are still doing well, but didn´t come to church this week so we´re a bit worried. They still accept our committments though! They haven´t been drinking or smoking either, which is especially good because they are only 15! I haven´t been able to get pictures of everybody yet, but soon.

One of our members has a pet monkey, purchased for the amount of 20 dollars, named Skipper!

We are teaching a really great family right now, Valerie, Lorenzo, and they have a little boy Esteven. They are Catholic but don´t really believe in anything the Catholic church teaches, very unusual, especially infant baptism or worshipping Saints(idols- Hey Tim!) So they are really receptive and always have a whole lot of questions about the church. Now if we could just get them to come to church. They are a bit confused sometimes so we take it slow!

Mother´s day is the greatest isn´t it? I got to talk to my family! Take it from me, you never know what you´ve got ´till it´s gone! Ask any missionary! Sorry I´m so brief today, I don´t know what to talk about since I already talked to my family yesterday!

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Anonymous said...

Okay, that is a sweet monkey!!! I bet you were freaking out while it was on your shoulder. You should bring home a pet monkey.