Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Week 20

Monday, April 20, 2009

Hey Everybody!

Ecua-fact: They use carbonated water for Sacrament! Agua con gas!

We had quite the eventful week!

Our Investigators Ana and Patricio got married (on probably what was the most hectic day in my entire mission)! We got to the Civil Registro at 11:00am and didn´t get finished until 3:00pm, the simple quick marriage ceremony isn´t all that quick and simple here. We also helped Patricio and Ana get their 3 children ready (did I mention he´s 18 years old?) and I´ve decided they are the Motely crue on speed. They rival a certain family in my ward back at home...we can´t make it through a lesson without somebody getting hurt and crying. It was great though, Ana asked us if she could be baptized on Sunday. We decided it would be best if she waited until this Saturday. She is really firm and really wants to be a member. We have some really interesting members who have actually tried to disuade her from being baptized but she still really wants to be! Her husband Patricio still isn´t quite ready yet, but we are hoping that he will be really soon. Ana really has a strong testimony I can´t believe how firm she is! She is my first investigator who doesn´t let anything get in the way of her Testimony she is such a great example to me!

Hopfully I´ll have photos of her baptism next week!

Although...She always offers us food and usually it is pretty decent. Until Saturday night that is. We had rice, potatoes, and flesh of pig. Pig skin isn´t usually all that bad, I never eat it but if I had to I can. This kind was slimy and still had hair. Horrible, horrible, horrible. Fortunately my companion and I only had ot eat a little of it and quickly stashed the rest in our backpacks to give to the stray dogs later. Absolutely the worst thing I´ve ever eaten, bar none.

Hna. Tanner


Anonymous said...

Pig skin with hair!!! That is disgusting!!!!

Jason and Kelsey said...

oh whitney...i am sitting here CRACKING up at your last paragraph! kamryn is looking at me like i'm nuts, but that is so funny! i am so sorry! but i'm glad you're writing this stuff down...it will be so neat to have it and always be able to go back and read your experiences.

Loquacious Leslie said...

They look so young to be married and have 3 children.