Monday, April 6, 2009

Week 18

Hey Everybody-

Ecuafact: The most popular type of sliced bread you can buy here is called BIMBO!It´s the Latin equivalent of Wonderbread.

I´m still doing really well! Loving Ibarra!

Last week we were able to do two services! We helped some investigators move, and into our sector! So we also have some new investigators! Later in the week we missionaries headed off to do some hard labor, believe you me, hard. I´m still sore 4 days later. We basically just moved dirt and big rocks to different locations with some very old tools. Back at home I probably would just have rented a bobcat for a day. I´m sure my dad (and Tim) are thrilled at this development. On a sad note, many creepy creatures lost their homes. I personally had the priviledge of unearthing the tarantula. Among the other victims: A scorpion, 3 frogs, a field mouse, and a whole bunch of centipides. On a happy note, I think I will be able to kill my own spiders when I leave Ecuador.

This is all of the missionaries crowded around the TV inside the church safe. Our outlet went out just before Elder Holland spoke! We rushed around and ended up next to the bathrooms and inside the safe. We missed most of his talk, so I´ll have to get it online!
I made Lasagna on Saturday and Tacos on Sunday in between sessions. Those of you who know me, know why I am posting this picuture...I´m learning to cook!
The Gringo Room- A room of English, at least before we lost power!
In between sessions!

I was in fact able to watch conference, and in English. In case you were wondering, General Conference is to Missionaries what Spring Break is to college students. No lie, it was amazing. All of the missionaries came down to our Chapel to watch, via satellite, and we had lunch and played cards (Uno) in between sessions both days! I´m sorry it went by so fast, now we all have to wait six more months to hear from the Prophet again! It´s pretty amazing being one of the 52,494 Missionaries serving right now and to be thanked by Apostles and the Prophet himself.

Raúl, Daniela, and to my great surprise (and pleasure) Carlos all came to a session of conference! Carlos even mentioned that he thought Elder Anderson´s was really powerful! I think we are going to put a baptizmal date with all three this week! So hopefully they will all accept it! I´m sure they could all feel how inspiring and spiritual conference was!

Changes are here! I will find out who my new companion is today! I´m super nervous. For the first time I´m going to have some real responsibility in the Mission! I´ll be teaching the sector to my new companion! Wish me luck! I´m going to miss Hermana Escobar, we´ve had a really good companionship!


Loquacious Leslie said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful week! I'll bet those gloves would have come in handy with your service project!

Jason and Kelsey said...

ooh so much good stuff in this post! i can NOT believe you unearthed all those creatures and are still alive to tell about it! oh my gosh i got the heebee jeebees reading about the tarantula...yuck! and when i saw that you made just warmed my little heart! haha. so proud of you! sound like you are doing great! keep the updates coming!

Loquacious Leslie said...

How is Carlos doing? Do you think he will be accept the gospel? Your lasagna looks wonderful and is making me hungry!