Monday, March 30, 2009

Week 17

Zona Norte!

Hey Everybody-

Ecuafact: There is no such thing as a screen for windows,it´s also very unusual to see banisters on the stairs. Children be darned

Well we´ve been to Tulcán twice this week. I hope we won´t be going again for a while! The bus ride really is pretty nauseating. We went for district meeting and today for a Waterfall. Yes, another one. Very pretty though, Ecuador is nothing if not picturesque.

We have an investigator named Carlos Espinoza, his wife, Estefania is a member. He´s only a couple of years older than me. He has a ton of potential. He´s probably my biggest hope right now. I found out that he married Estefania even though she already had a little girl. Virtually unheard of down here in Ecuador, of course, Mika is pretty loveable. He pays for her schooling (about 200 hundred dollars a month)and everything. He´s by far my favorite and I have a lot of respect for all that he has done. He always has a lot of questions for us which is always great.

I don´t have much time to write today! I hope this finds everybody well! I Love You Guys!


Loquacious Leslie said...

It really is beautiful-the pictures are awesome! We will pray for Carlos, and his family!

Anonymous said...

It is beautiful!!!!!! You look really happy. I miss you!!