Monday, March 16, 2009

Week 15

Hey Everybody-

Ecuafact: Ecuador´s President (Rafael Correa) makes 3,000 dollars a month for his salary!

Still love Ibarra! Don´t you worry! It´s beautiful and friendly! Although I seem to be the solo means of keeping all of Ecuador´s mosquito population alive...I´ve a new bite daily! It´s crazy!

I´m trying to learn our sector really well because when my companion goes home at the end of the change I´m going to teach the sector! I haven´t had to do that so far, but my new companion is going to depend on me! Scary, especially because the streets have really long names like ours is Guillermina Garcia Ortiz. Yeah...not an easy feat and I only have three weeks left. Wish me luck. President Sloan told me to Be ready for callings and assignments that come my way. Both cryptic and frightening.

This week our Zone Leaders needed some help with a wedding so I agreed to sing in what I thought would be a choir. I was oh so wrong. Turns our I had a surprise solo of I Need Thee Every Hour. Most nerve racking thing I´ve ever done. Turns out I was supposed to be singing with another girl but in true latin fashion, she didn´t show! I don´t think anything will scare me when I get home. Rabid dogs, that´s nothing. Heights, nada! The mission seems to be boosting my confidence, not that it needed it.

We are still working with Cielo and Raul and they really are ready! They come to church and have answers to their questions! They just keep saying that they need more time, that seems to be the old stand-by! How do we get people over it? Any advice RM´s? We also have Daniela she is definitely ready to be baptized too but she is only 17 and we are waiting for the permission of her parents, who are devout Evangelicals. Crossing our fingers and holding our breath!

Hna. Whitney Tanner


brittany said...

I bet you sang beautifully!!!

Loquacious Leslie said...

Wow a solo; if I had volunteered you for something you would have drawn and quartered me! I am proud of you! It is amazing what you learn you can do... I am sure that it sounded great also!