Monday, March 9, 2009

Week 14

Proof that I am in fact in South America! Isn´t it great?

This is the view from my roof! Isn´t amazing?

Zona Norte- smallest in the whole mission (Elder Glass, Elder Lazalde, Elder Seguro, Elder McGary, Hermana Escobar, Elder Stieber, Hermana Sloan, Elder Hernandez, President Sloan, and Me!
My companion and I (I´m a bit taller...and wider).

Hey Everybody-

I hope this finds you well!

Ecua-Fact: They have french fries everywhere! They cover them in this sauce that vaguely resembles fry sauce. If you get them to go, they come in a bag and they give you a spear to eat them with!

I´m doing really well! I forget to tell everybody about my transfer to Ibarra from Quito! It was pretty eventful (for me anyway). So Sorensen dropped me off at the terminal and I bought my ticket. I found my way to the bus and then my 3 hour bus ride (which has to only take about an hour in car) began. My Spanish not being great I had a little script written out so I could ask the bus monkey to tell me where to get off ( I didn´t want to end up in Colombia). Finally he told me we were at the Ibarra terminal and I got off! So I waited for Hermana Escobar to come and pick me up. Nothing. After about 45 minutes I finally got up the courage to ask somebody where the terminal was. I found out it was about 2 miles East! I quickly grabbed a taxi and went to the Terminal. When I got there I couldn´t see anybody. I was starting to panic a little now! They haved armed guards everywhere, and I asked one of them where the phones where so I could call the offices. He let me use his and then all of the sudden some Missionaries walked out. My companion with our Zone Leaders! I can´t even explain the relief. Changes are stressful!

We had Zone Conference this week, it was great as usual. President Sloan invites the members to attend. We set a record with 140 members in attendance. Most of them were from the Otavalo zone (combined Zone conferences). It was amazing to see. We also had district meeting like we do every week. What made it different was when we decided to do it in Tulcán. It´s two hours away and on the Colombia border, we have two Elders up there and our District Leader decided we should make the 4 hour bus trip at least once. It was beautiful, I can´t believe I didn´t have my camera! We´re going again though before the change is through! I have never been so carsick in my whole life. Passenger bus through the Andes mountains is now a pleasant ride!

We have some really great investigators right now. Cielo especially, she always comes to church which is great and she knows the Book of Mormon is true. She doesn´t feel quite ready for baptism yet but were hoping she will be soon. We also have Raul, he is from Colombia. He needs a bit of pushing but he also comes to church every week. We need some new investigators so I think we will be contacting this week! Scary! Wish me luck, I´ve never done it before!

We hiked the Waterfall above today for our P-day activity! It wasn´t too bad, and my ankle wasn´t a hinderance at all! I have a great zone/district!

Love and miss you all!

Hna. Whitney Tanner

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Loquacious Leslie said...

It looks beautiful there. Dad says you look great, but he is worried about your mission pictures being saved properly. Flashdrives crash often are you saving them to something else? Can you send them home so we can save them for you.