Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Movie Tag

Lyn tagged me so here goes...

1. the total number of movies i own:

about 200- I have waaaaaayyyyyyyy to many for only being 22. That's not even counting all the TV I have on DVD.

2. the last movie i bought:

I think it might have been Juno, Dan in Real Life, the Star Wars box set (original) & the Indiana Jones Box set. There are just certain movies you just have to own. Now if only I could find somebody to babysit them while I'm gone for a year and a half. Wink.

3. the last movie I saw:

Penelope- Natalie is obsessed with it! I've seen it three times now and it wasn't that good. Or maybe it was There Will Be Blood- I could watch Daniel Day-Lewis read the phonebook, he's that good.

At home- Funny Lady, not that funny. Doesn't even compare with funny girl.

4. a movie I'll never watch again:

I Know Who Killed Me- Worst movie I've EVER seen. Lindsey Lohan doesn't even die, but don't worry she does have a long lost twin sister (who also does not die)...no I'm not lying. All the red and blue (blue representing the normal lilo and red representing the wild lilo) imagery made me sick. It was literally everywhere (e.g. the above picture)!

5. five movies that mean something to me:

E.T.- I love that little alien, I can't make it through that movie without some excessive crying.

V for Vendetta- Natalie Portman is phenomenal, she honestly can do no wrong. A movie that gives us pride in freedom and makes Democracy seem like the most important thing in the world after seeing Great Britain a totalitarian society and the lengths people will go to to bring it down.

Closer- I don't really recommend this one to the faint of heart, it's a tad scandalous. The dialog and themes in this movie are so powerful. Every part counts.

Little Women/ Persuasion- What kind of girl would I be if I didn't mention these two?

The Departed- Ummmm, epic. The only movie I can stand Leonardo DiCaprio- does he make anyone else cringe?

There are probably some that I forgot- but I can never remember them when I have to.

i tag these people:

Natalie W., and Jen G.


Jen said...

I'll take such good care, you won't even realize that they were with someone else for a year and a half! haha, seriously though, I won't be offended if you decide to hide them.

brandon & brittany said...

whit...i can't tell you how often i think about your chocolate cake. :)

lyn. said...

Do you suppose they had to dye Harrison Ford's stubble for his latest Indiana Jones movies...

I can't believe he's 65 years old!